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Comment Re:Pathetic. (Score 3, Insightful) 841

I think that tracking that deeply is an invasion of privacy.... although it's a double-edged sword at this rate.

Invasion of whose privacy? The reporter was reviewing/testing a car that belongs to Tesla. It wasn't the reporters car. Most companies that lend out product to be reviewed and tested log a TON of data.
This wasn't some private individual out in about in his own vehicle.

Comment Re:Monsanto takes .. (Score 5, Interesting) 419

The infringing farmers took concerted action, over several years, to isolate and propagate the seeds, and then benefited from the patented gene by spraying their fields with glyphosate.

Since it isn't mentioned in either of TFAs I'll take your word for it. But I don't believe the issue is that they had or didn't have a strain of Monsato's designed food. The question is, who owns the second generation of seeds?
They way I understand it, you patent a process. I'm pretty sure Monsato didn't patent farming, and growing. So what process did these farmers break?

Comment Re:Monsanto takes .. (Score 1) 419

That is, in this case, a good point. Here farmers were knowingly replanting seed they had purchased..

They didn't "replant" the seed. The legally purchased the seed, and it grew. The new product produced new seeds. These seeds were what was replanted. This is kind of like grandparents claiming their grandchildren belong to them.

Comment Re:Free Hardware (Score 1) 380

Serious money? You know we aren't really talking about "serious" money here. He claims the savings is $300 a year, which isn't serious money. One thing to keep in mind is, a VPS will be upgraded to newer hardware overtime. And if you want to do the same, you need to take that into consideration.

Comment Re:The hell it doesn't cost consumers! (Score 1) 195

I think it said "consumers are reimbursed for stolen funds", which you say you were. It doesn't talk about being reimbursed for side affects. In addition this was mostly about passwords. Did they steal your credit cards because of weak passwords?
Sounds to me like you anecdote confirms the research.

Comment Re:Does he not know... (Score 1) 154

Does Gates not know about Python? Python IMO is a whole lot easier to learn than BASIC ever was and you can do a lot more with it.

They are both turing complete languages. So what can you do in Python that can't be done in BASIC?

Slap a few libraries on ANY language and you get do anything in less lines of codes. That's what libraries are for.

Comment Re:hmmmm (Score 2) 164

Bullshit, of course you're deceiving them. You cannot expect normal human beings to question all their assumptions 24/7.

In some circumstances you ARE supposed to question them. And that is the whole point. Its one thing when the secretary assumes the printer guy is the printer guy, its another when its the guard at the front door.

Comment Re:IP does not exist (Score 1) 105

Stop falling for the propaganda (aka P.R.) there is no such thing as I.P. it was created to fool people into merging all concepts into 1 generic term for the benefit of the industry. In addition, it is called Property when it is not property or even tangible!

Don't be circular in your definition. It is called "property" because it is something you own. In the case of copyright, you own the right to copy, and in patent you own the right to use the process. Just because you don't like the name doesn't mean it shouldn't be used.

Comment Re:Can someone explain why it's reasonable... (Score 1) 105

It becomes an interesting situation. If I write a book, then give someone else the copyright, does the copyright still end when I die? If not then the older one gets, the quicker one should sign away their rights.
But why should someone else benefit as soon as I die? If I want to provide for my children, and I'm a cabinet maker, I can make a bunch of cabinets and give to my children, so they can sell after I die. But if I'm an author, and I finish the story the day before I die, my children (or wife) are out of luck? If that is the case, perhaps I just won't bother writing the story, or letting it get out.

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