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Comment Re:No (Score 1) 102

The whole point of a patent is to promote science. One awesome way to encourage small inventors to invent, is to allow them to license their invention to someone with the means to produce it. By making it so only active users can hold a patent, you've made it very difficult for the little guy to hold on to patents. And thus you discourage them from inventing.

Comment Re:Why not just multiple monitors. (Score 1) 520

There are in principle NO advantages to a multiple monitor setup. I

While bendable displays are all the rage at CES at the moment, one advantage to a multi monitor display is that I can position the different displays on different planes. That is a bit difficult to do with a single display. Multi monitors haven't held back the monitor industry. Rather television has

Comment Re:39" display for workstations? (Score 1) 520

Why? Would you be angry if the company bought a new faster copier? Or are you just suggesting that the company can never upgrade anything ever? "That typewriter still works, why are you replacing it?" Not only should these things improve productivity, I'd be willing to bet they can recoup the investment with lower energy cost.
But thats ok, you know better. No one should ever spend money to improve tools.

Comment Re:It should, but preferably at less than 50 years (Score 4, Interesting) 154 claims there is a SIGNIFICANT drop off of books on amazon after about 20 years. So it appears that something in the range of 25 years (at least for books) is a fine length of time. I don't see why that wouldn't work for any other medium.
Any period of time that is longer than the average lifetime of a human, isn't really limited.

Comment Just science, not "am" vs "pro" (Score 3, Insightful) 189

The article begins:

For a group of citizen explorers, without an affiliation to a scientific institution, this is a daunting endeavor.

I think this could just be amended to "For a group of scientists this is a daunting endeavor." Of course scientists attached to a legal institution can probably draw on the help of other resources and people who know how to jump through some of these hoops. But they still have to deal with the same legal issues.

Comment Re:ROMs have always been a gray area... (Score 1) 193

A lot of the old games will have effectively lapsed now simply because their owning legal entities ceased to exist,

That isn't true. ownership doesn't "ceased to exist" When a company goes bankrupt, it has assets that pass on to someone. No computer software copyright has "effectively lapsed" Of course that doesn't mean we know who owns the copyright. Many times a corporation might even know they own the copyright.

Comment Re:ROMs have always been a gray area... (Score 1) 193

So you've determined that no one can create a limited edition something? If I want to paint a single painting and sell it, it is ok for you to copy it, because fuck me for not distributing more copies?
I'm all for archiving the software. And the whole abondonware sucks, but just blindly copying and sharing isn't the answer.

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