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Comment Illegal Search and Seisure (Score 1) 419

ok, so they collected data from corporations, by "court order" without a reasonable suspicion. (And no, "something might possibly happen" isn't a reason). Then when a foreign suspect pops up (notice how they use the word "terrorist" but here a person is innocent until proven guilty, so they are at best a suspect) They then search ALL the data they illegally collected. This also sounds like an unreasonable search. Then and only then did they then "follow proper procedures" and laws. And that somehow makes it ok?
It is still unconstitutional. We have the right to be secure in our persons and our belongings. This meant we were secure.
All thanks to the boogey man.

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 419

I really wish that you would show up the next time someone inn the US dies from what would have been preventable through analysis of the call records. That way you could say "sucks to be you" the the family. It's the part right after that that I'd enjoy..

So, what you are saying is, all of the people who HAVE given their lives for the freedom of our country, wasted their life? They shouldn't have bothered. They should have saved themselves, stayed alive. Because it is more important to be alive, than to be free?

Comment Re:Genius judge (Score 1) 540

If you have to pay interns like regular employees, what's the point of hiring interns?

He didn't say you had to pay the interns. You only have to pay them if you make them do essentially grunt work. You hire interns to train them. They may still do some lower end jobs, for free, as long as they are learning.

Comment Re:Danger (Score 1) 356

Technically, you cannot release unlicensed software. Sure, go ahead and post it to a public repository, but without an explicit license, copyright law forbids anyone else to make use of it.

That is the thing, EVERY repository in github has a license. Perhaps only 14.9% are explicit. And perhaps it is because the younger generation doesn't know better, not because they care or don't care. Even if you release it to public domain, that is a license.
The way I read the summary was "blah blah blah" 85% of github falls under copyright, meaning you can't copy it without permission.

Comment There is no "Terrorism" (Score 1) 584

There is no such thing as "terrorism." It isn't a country, or even a large group. This so called "terrorism" is just one or two criminals (or small groups) that try to incite terror. Fighting "terrorism" is like fighting murder, or any other type of crime. They make this sound like these "terrorists" are out to destroy our country and way of life, and yet this is exactly what the NSA is doing, destroying our way of life.
Boehner, the speaker of the house, claims Snowden is a traitor, saying Snowden is hurting national security. Boehner also said that, while they collected the data, they won't use it, unless they find a connecton... The problem is Boehner took an oath of office, promising to defend the Constitution, against ALL enemies. Instead he is supporting the attackers of the Constitution, and attacking the defenders of it. Boehner is the one who is a traitor.

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