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Comment Re:because the people want it. (Score 1) 201

if it's actually "substandard" then it means it's not a copy of the original because there is no original to copy. meaning they were selling the latest seasons of the shows which aren't on sale yet.

Well, no, it just means it was substandard. The DVD itself can be poorly written, and might not play properly. Box sets might be missing items.
There was no indication in the article that they were selling the very latest episodes.

if you want the latest season of game of thrones, you are going to have to wait until 2014.

the industry needs to learn that when there is a demand, someone will fill it. if you aren't filling that demand, someone else will.

Do you mean, when there is a demand for cheaper product? There was no indication that these DVDs weren't available anywhere else. But most likely they were cheaper than the product that is available in the store.

Comment Re:i don't get it (Score 2) 201

You cannot say what a world without copyright and such would be like; you can only spew forth random speculations.

You are right, we can only speculate what a world without copyright would be like. But I think it would be a fairly boring place. I enjoy watch movies that were made on a $100 million dollar budget. They tend to be better than movies made on a $10,000 budget. I find it hard to believe that anyone would spend $100 million dollars making a movie in a world without copyrights. I find it hard to believe people would spend significant time and effort generating content in a world without copyright.
It seems like some people believe nothing will drastically change if we had no copyright, except that they can then freely download the music they want, and the movies they want. And that is just not going to happen.
The fact is, people are greedy. They want something, someone else generated, and they want it for free.

Comment Re:i don't get it (Score 1) 201

how does that scam cost the economy as a whole anything though?

How does selling counterfeit goods hurt the economy? I'm sure there are lots of reasons, and probably tons of research and studies done over the years. But a few things that spring to mind. Typically counterfeit items are of low quality. The customer is purchasing something of a lower quality than they probably expect, and probably with no recourse. Sometimes the customer might expect that, but not always. Sometimes the product isn't made following the standards the real item is made, exposing the customer to health and safety issues. The original creator loses out on potential sales, possibly making it more difficult to improve on the product.
And you said it yourself, they were probably dodging the VAT, so the government loses some money as well.

Comment Re:i don't get it (Score 1) 201

Either you are pro-freedom or you are not; if you support copyright, you support censorship and the loss of control over private property.

Is it ok to sell counterfeit clothes and purses and watches? Ignoring the "IP" issue, selling a counterfeit item as an original is fraud. These guys weren't selling these items as "copies."
As far as your loss of control over your private property, you know if you go down to the store and purchase a DVD, you are free to sell it to someone else.
But you want to claim the bits now belong to you, and you have the right to copy them and sell them to someone else (and stopping you is somehow censorship). Well the person who created the item, had an agreement with society. He would create the item, if you let him own the copyright for a few years. If you don't honor that agreement, people might stop creating things. If you don't support copyright, then you don't support content creators. You know, the people creating the content that you WANT.

Comment Re:"We have to take all threats seriously" (Score 1) 706

Look at what? When I was a kid we used to run around and shoot each other with rubber band guns and dart guns. Shoot I used to run a game of "assassin" in high school. Should we be investigated? No, we were just kids. Based on the story in the article, this kid did NOTHING to warrant a second thought (other than perhaps "hey, is there a problem and do you need help."

Comment Re:Guns are bad (Score 1) 706

Uhm ok... No ACTUAL weapons were used in the making of this story. So what does the fact it is easier for kids to illegally obtain them have to do with anything? Because the kid MIGHT get a weapon? That isn't a good enough reason to arrest him. So really the "right to bear arms" "crap" has nothing to do with this story.

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