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Comment Re:what cost (Score 0) 363

And then at some point on the right, there is no longer sufficient revenue to pay for the grid and the non-solar generating capacity needed to run all those net-zero houses when the sun isn't out either because it's cloudy or nighttime. Now the money to pay for the grid has to come from people who are net zero.

IF you are relying on the grid for power when the sun isn't shinning, you are NOT net zero, and you are paying for your power. Those people who don't have solar, (or wind, or a hydro electric dam) pay for power. If you have excess power, the electric company buys it. If you need power, you buy it. Why should the electric company essentially get $5 of free power a month?
The subsidy is a government subsidy, has nothing to do with the electric company or this fee.

Comment Does not add up (Score 1) 752


the crime rate in Sweden has increased slightly. It seems they are planning to take steps for preventing crime

Crime rate has increased, but they are PLANNING on taking steps to prevent crime? Well apparently they are only planning, because if they started, their prevention hasn't worked.
I'm not sure what this mention of "planning to prevent crimes" has to do with the actual situation, which is the courts are being more lenient on drug crimes.

Comment Re:All in favor of Elop getting the job? (Score 2) 292

But, that said, maybe a breakup and spin-off of non-core divisions is exactly what Microsoft needs. This whole 'chasing Apple/Sony/{$newTechMarket}' thing is slowly killing them.

When you say "slowly killing them" do you mean they are making more money than they've ever made before, and that the annual profits continue to grow from year to year? Then, uhm, yeah...

Comment Re:Also consider equilibrium. (Score 1) 666

I may write software for a living, but I respect physics.

But do you actually know math? IF you were in a head on collision with someone doing twice your speed (assuming you are doing 55) things will be bad, but things would be bad if you were in a head on collision with someone doing the same speed as you.
But it is difficult to get into a head on collision on a freeway. So someone hitting you at twice your speed would be much like you hitting that guardrail at 55... In fact it would be better, as the impact would be spread over more of the vehicle, than when you hit the guard rail.
I wouldn't want to get into an accident, but if I had a choice I'd choose hitting another vehicle, going in the same direction, if if they were going faster, than hitting a stationary object.

Comment Re:Duh (Score 1) 165

If I buy something, the tax on it shouldn't depend on who I bought it from, or where they are located.

Of course it should be. Or are you saying you should pay the same tax to a small boutique store in littletown, usa that you'd pay to a large flagship store on 5th ave in NY? Just like the cost of living is different between small town America and NYC, the cost of providing services (fire, police, etc) to business in smalltown is less. So why should the taxes be the same?

Comment Re:Sunset at 3:11 p.m.? (Score 1) 545

Under the proposed change, sunset in December would come at 3:11 p.m. Um, no, thanks.

Is there really a difference between 4:11pm and 3:11pm? I guess if you are getting off work at 3:00pm that means an hour of dim sunlight. But considering that MOST people get off work at 5:00pm it doesn't really matter what time the sunset.

Comment Re:I don't see the problem (Score 1) 545

A study has shown a rise in heart attack rates after the time change. Yeah I can see how that isn't that big of a deal.
You probably have never missed a meeting due to the clocks being wrong. Or you probably adjust quickly to the time change, while several people take a week or more to adjust their sleeping schedule.
Just because "it is one of the costs" doesn't mean it is good or should be changed.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 437

The ONLY time I fear for my safety is when I'm going through the security line:
  • The make you stand next to a barrel full of suspected explosives
  • Your xrayed bags are out of your sight and could easily be stolen
  • You are asked to remove your shoes and walk across a dirty floor
  • If you don't want to walk through their radiation machine, they will stick their hand down your pants
  • It is one of the largest concentrations of people in the airport, a dandy target for a terrorist

So yes, I fear for my safety going through the checkpoint. And for what? For no obvious reason. It doesn't make me safer on the other side of the checkpoint. It doesn't keep me safer on the plane. It only makes me feel like a criminal and wastes my time and money.

Comment "well written article" (Score 1) 223

I'm not sure what his point is. He claims people pay a premium for sports and lush serial dramas, because people wouldn't pay for them if the cable companies didn't provide them... duh. I get cable mainly because I want to watch sports. If they didn't offer sports, I wouldn't be paying for the service.
He claims he gets on demand access to Game of Thrones. Where does he do that legally? They only place I see where you legally get Game of Thrones is the DVDs, not on demand and not cheap.
He also mentions the money goes straight to the studios and networks. And then talks about how the cable companies charge high fees for some stuff so they can bundle other stuff. So not all of the money goes straight to the studios.

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