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Comment Re:"Art" is a commodity (Score 1) 110

Most books and movies are the same. Look at half the scifi books on amazon. Humans fighting aliens for some reason

I look at half the SciFi books on amazon and they are human fighting humans (one of the seven conflicts) Aliens aren't as predominate in SciFi as you might think.
But in reality, yes most stories are similar. What is your point?

Comment Re:Their "safety protocols" are crap (Score 1) 359

Sorry but what idiot thinks that a Chain link fence can hold back a 200mph engine block?

Did you notice, that chain link fence ALMOST held the engine block, the engine block barely made it through the fence. The biggest problem was stuff flying OVER the fence, as well as pieces of the fence itself.

Comment Re:Perjurious fuckers... (Score 1) 359

You are a sports photographer and the Professional Organizations don't own the copyright to YOUR images. Because you've made an agreement with them. That is a different agreement the average public makes.
One ballpark says:

Personal photography and video are permitted in the ballpark provided the images are for personal use only. However, videotaping any game action is prohibited.

Comment Re:The very term "intellectual property" is misgui (Score 1) 150

Nowhere in the US Constitution does it equate protections of rights pertaining to intellectual works as "property".

There is a LOT of things the Constitution does not enumerate or spell out or define. That doesn't mean much.
As you point out the Constitution offers Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right... And there is an implication that the Author and Inventor can transfer that right, otherwise what is the point of having an exclusive right? Note that it also refers to Authors and Inventors, it doesn't refer to people or corporations or groups, or anything. Just "Author" and "Inventor."

Comment Re:Grow up, kid. (Score 2) 272

Most of the people here get it. They get that Software Patents are inherently evil and wrong and should be abolished...

It isn't so much that software patents are evil. It is that trivial patents are evil, whether or not they are software related. Its just that the majority of software patents are non novel and obvious.

Comment Re:so what? (Score 1) 812

Having crossed a few borders in my life... There are assholes everywhere, just like there are nice and friendly people everywhere.The last few years coming back into the US has been fairly easy, in fact most border crossings have been nice. Security lines (and NOT just TSA) is another story.

Comment Re:Raise the price of books and see a mass exodus (Score 1) 155

They can sell an ebook for whatever price they want. I claim it should be roughly the same price, or cheaper than the cheapest format they have out. But if it is the same price as the MSRP, and I can get the physical book for 10% off of MSRP, then don't be surprised when I buy the physical book.
AND it is also ridicules when old (30-100 year old) books are $7.99 or more.

Comment Re:Raise the price of books and see a mass exodus (Score 1) 155

I think you meant to say "prices for most ebooks from amazon (or anywhere else) are priced incorrectly"
When a book first comes out an ebook is typically around $15 and the hardcover sells for 18-20.
The problem is, later when the massmarket comes out, the price of the massmarket is the same or less than the ebook.

Comment Re:Creativity... in an API? (Score 1) 191

I am of the opinion that the BSA's appeal should be declared frivolous, and that they should be spanked with a hefty fine for bringing this lawsuit in the first place

BSA can't do squat. Oracle can appeal, and if they feel they have a legal grounds for doing so, then they should. Appeals really aren't frivolous, if you feel the judge acted inappropriately.
BSA isn't involved in a lawsuit, are you suggesting Oracle should be fined?

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