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Comment Just science, not "am" vs "pro" (Score 3, Insightful) 189

The article begins:

For a group of citizen explorers, without an affiliation to a scientific institution, this is a daunting endeavor.

I think this could just be amended to "For a group of scientists this is a daunting endeavor." Of course scientists attached to a legal institution can probably draw on the help of other resources and people who know how to jump through some of these hoops. But they still have to deal with the same legal issues.

Comment Re:ROMs have always been a gray area... (Score 1) 193

A lot of the old games will have effectively lapsed now simply because their owning legal entities ceased to exist,

That isn't true. ownership doesn't "ceased to exist" When a company goes bankrupt, it has assets that pass on to someone. No computer software copyright has "effectively lapsed" Of course that doesn't mean we know who owns the copyright. Many times a corporation might even know they own the copyright.

Comment Re:ROMs have always been a gray area... (Score 1) 193

So you've determined that no one can create a limited edition something? If I want to paint a single painting and sell it, it is ok for you to copy it, because fuck me for not distributing more copies?
I'm all for archiving the software. And the whole abondonware sucks, but just blindly copying and sharing isn't the answer.

Comment Re:what cost (Score 0) 363

And then at some point on the right, there is no longer sufficient revenue to pay for the grid and the non-solar generating capacity needed to run all those net-zero houses when the sun isn't out either because it's cloudy or nighttime. Now the money to pay for the grid has to come from people who are net zero.

IF you are relying on the grid for power when the sun isn't shinning, you are NOT net zero, and you are paying for your power. Those people who don't have solar, (or wind, or a hydro electric dam) pay for power. If you have excess power, the electric company buys it. If you need power, you buy it. Why should the electric company essentially get $5 of free power a month?
The subsidy is a government subsidy, has nothing to do with the electric company or this fee.

Comment Does not add up (Score 1) 752


the crime rate in Sweden has increased slightly. It seems they are planning to take steps for preventing crime

Crime rate has increased, but they are PLANNING on taking steps to prevent crime? Well apparently they are only planning, because if they started, their prevention hasn't worked.
I'm not sure what this mention of "planning to prevent crimes" has to do with the actual situation, which is the courts are being more lenient on drug crimes.

Comment Re:All in favor of Elop getting the job? (Score 2) 292

But, that said, maybe a breakup and spin-off of non-core divisions is exactly what Microsoft needs. This whole 'chasing Apple/Sony/{$newTechMarket}' thing is slowly killing them.

When you say "slowly killing them" do you mean they are making more money than they've ever made before, and that the annual profits continue to grow from year to year? Then, uhm, yeah...

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