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Comment Re:whitespace (Score 1) 169

I have found that everyone who complains about The Python Whitespace Thing are people who have convinced themselves that they are special little snowflakes and therefore any attempt to limit their creative output on whitespace use must be some kind of crime against humanity.

I'm not special, and I don't use whitespace creatively. I can't STAND it when code isn't indented properly. And yet I still think Python's whitespace is awful, and it is what makes Python a toy language. For one thing, I had having to visually see my whitespace, yet if you don't, you might accidentally mix tabs and spaces and Python gets unhappy.

Comment Re:Terrorist until, screw it. (Score 1) 1233

If they ever pulled an actual terrorist out of a line and subjected them to this sort of questioning, (Something that to my knowledge has never happened even ONCE, correct me if I'm wrong.) chances are they either wouldn't comply at all, or their demeanor or body language would very quickly give away that something was wrong.

If I was going to try to bring a bomb on a plane. I wouldn't opt out of the scan. OR if I was going to opt out of the scan, I would do everything in my power to make sure I wouldn't trigger the explosives test. I also wouldn't make a big stink, and would fully comply with everything they asked me to do. I would be as meek as possible. I would do everything I could do, to not draw attention to myself.
Or maybe I would be loud and obnoxious and draw attention to myself (cause what terrorist would actually do that) BUT I still would do everything possible to NOT set off the explosive machine.

Comment Re:Gee, I'm sorry but... (Score 1) 1233

The issue though is that folks are going to have to accept that nobody is now responsible to stop the bad guys from doing bad things on airplanes.

Who stops the bad guys on subways and on buses? Before TSA how many bad guys did bad things on airplanes? What exactly is it we are trying to stop?
Underwhere bombers? TSA failed there, show bombers? ditto (well the TSA equivalent in England) Perhaps stop people from putting explosives in printers? Ohh right, TSA failed to do that as well. So what is it they are supposed to do? Other than stick their hands down my pants?

Comment Re:Gee, I'm sorry but... (Score 1) 1233

If you don't like this kind of thing happening, then I suggest you not fly.

You realize that the TSA isn't limited to just airports, right? You do know they to "augment the security of any mode of transportation at any location within the United States."
What do I expect TSA to do? I expect them to not exist.

Comment Re:don't fly during ramadan....? (Score 1) 1233

I'm in no way saying that a person deserves this kind of treatment for opting-out of a scan, and I think that the current security procedures border on reprehensible. But people need to understand that they are part of air travel nowadays.

You do know why most of us opt out, and then post these stories? It is to get people to understand that it does NOT have to be a part of air travel. That we ARE fighting the system. Just not doing it quietly.
Opt out. The more people that opt out, the sooner this nonsense will stop.

Comment Re:completely crooked, biased summary (Score 2) 1233

but he knew how it worked, and he got what he had coming.

Really? What he had coming was to get on a plane on going on his vacation. I'm not sure where you are from, but here in America we have a right to be "wise ass punks" (not agreeing with you in saying he was)
Lets suppose you, a fine upstanding citizen, than does nothing wrong, not even speed, gets pulled aside and told they are taking you to the back room for a further patdown and screening... What would you do? "oh yes sir, right away sir, whatever you say sir." You KNOW you've done nothing wrong, and your family is waiting for you to catch the flight, which leaves in 20 minutes. And you will just go silently? If you don't say something, anything, then YOU get what is coming to you...

Comment Re:Explosives Residue (Score 1) 1233

If somebody tested positive for explosives residue going through airport security I'd be suspicious too.

He didn't test positive for explosive residue (well maybe he did, we don't know, more likely he tested positive for a chemical on the watch list.)
But what are you suspicious of? Why be suspicious, and why do you even need to test for it? Are you automatically assuming the "terrorist" is too stupid to take preventive measures? Or you automatically assume YOUR plane is a target, but NOTHING else in your life (the workplace, the mall, the school, the theatre) are targets?

Comment Re:Don't fly. (Score 1) 1233

You want to get rid of the TSA?

Don't fly.

It's that simple.

I'm not sure what not flying has to do with getting rid of the TSA. TSA's mission is

Protect the Nation's transportation systems to ensure freedom of movement for people and commerce.

Notice how is says "transportation systems" and not airports? They are authorized to

augment the security of any mode of transportation at any location within the United States.

ANY MODE... not just flying. So stop flying all you want, but it won't stop the TSA. This is not a case of "vote with your pocketbook"

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 1233

there would appear to be some major flow in their passenger profiling

And hence the problem with profiling. One of the articles in a previous comment was about a guy who "act bizarrely" but a "terrorist" won't act bizarrely. Only bizarre people act that way. A terrorist will try to act as normal as possible and draw as little attention to himself as possible.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 1233

There were communist spies in the state department.

Wait, so there were guys who were spying for a political theory? Were there monarchy spies and republican spies as well? Maybe an anarchist spy or two?

Comment Re:In the the land of he free (Score 1) 1233

"Because if they didn't vote for a lizard, the wrong lizard might get in."

This is one thing that makes me mad at election times. SO many people say "I would have voted for the third party candidate, but I didn't want to throw away my vote. So I voted for one of the evil guys instead." Just vote for the guy you want. Otherwise you ARE throwing away your vote. If EVERYONE did that, the third party guy might actually have a chance.

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