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Comment Re:Better Application Hooks (Score 1) 262

I want apps to open new links in Chrome instead of their own embedded browser.

The OS doesn't really have (nor should it) control over this. The app can choose to embed a browser, or sent the link to your "default" browser. Taking this ability away from the app developer would just be insane.

Comment Re:themes. (Score 1) 262

other stuff: start adding resolution and density independent ui elements. you know, so that you wouldn't be so fucked as apple is with osx.

Start? You do know that iOS has density independent ui elements? You know that on the iPad everything made for the iPad2 looks just fine on the retina version? This actually one of the things Apple did right.

Comment Re:Morons (Score 2) 457

The terrorists are smart and we're dog meat because our security services are stupid.

Which terrorists are smart? The one who caught is underpants on fire? Or maybe the one who's car turned into essentially a smoke bomb in Times Square?
The reality is, most terrorists aren't very smart. Thankfully.

Comment Re:What is wrong with these folks? (Score 2) 171

Because it costs a certain amount of money to write, edit, proof, print, and distribute a book. ... Stop being cheap.

I'm not complaining about the cost of purchasing the story. I am complaining about the cost of the ebook. If I have a choice of going to B&N and buying a paperback for 10% of cover price, OR I can buy an ebook for the cover price of a paperback or MORE. Presumably purchasing the paperback helps defray the cost... and yet it is less than the ebook. Why should I get the ebook?
One argument is ebooks cut into hardcover prices. Then charge more for the ebook, then when you release the paperback, lower the cost of the ebook. Otherwise I'll get the paperback.

Comment Re:Misssing the point. (Score 1) 298

The TSA weaved and bobbed around answering the question of how many casualties it was prepared to accept in an incident like this --- and that in the end was fatal.

Probably just as many as they've had over the past few years. Ignoring the fact that if you wanted to get a sharp device on a place, you can easily do so. Look at how many people accidentally left a large knife in their carryon... And look at all the dead stewardesses we have because of it...
Or look at all the bus driver killings we've had over the years.

Comment Re:neither makes sense (Score 1) 124

If two people independently invent something, then I think it should be non-patentable by definition.

Why? 2 people out of 6 billion come up with the same idea, so it must not be novel? Of course not, that is just stupid. The idea isn't that you should be the only person in the world ever to figure out to solve a problem. Just that not very many other people can or have.

Comment Re:What is patentable? (Score 1) 124

Avarice is not the mother of invention.

No it isn't. But it does help propel the invention out into the world. Many people invented something because of necessity. But then they sold it because they wanted to make money on it. Other people attacked problems, because they knew if they solved them they can make money off of it

Comment Re:I tell them I feel the same way! (Score 0) 597

You seem to fail to understand that there is no difference between designing a car and designing a software product

Of course there is a difference. Not only several magnitude orders of complexity, but the fact is, it is kind of hard to have a working car with 2 tired, one door, half a hood and 1 cylinder. Yet you can have working software that only does half the features it is supposed to do.
A car has what, 10,000 moving parts, a piece of complex software can have millions.

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