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Comment Re:Legal precedent (Score 1) 121

There are plenty of home router manufacturers; if one would insert ads into processed traffic without compensating the user by substantially lowering the router price, people would just stop buying its hardware. Just being able to do something doesn't immediately make it a good business decision.

Comment Re:Legal precedent (Score 1) 121

If done properly, it would be great. However, the potential for misuse is still pretty high: in the "best" case, the CDN's antivirus software may glitch and trigger removal of harmless content, ruining someone's day. In the worst case, war crime reports may be magically cut out or replaced with pictures of rainbows and unicorns.

Comment Re:Legal precedent (Score 2, Interesting) 121

I think you missed the point in your rush to object. What's the legal difference (IANAL) between optimizing HTML and inserting ads? In both cases X leaves the source, Y arrives at the destination. Opera does something like this for their Opera Mini browser: the content that is delivered to the browser isn't even HTML, it's some proprietary format, although the browser usually correctly renders it to what the HTML would look like. However, in case of Opera Mini, I explicitly agree to such manipulations and to accompanying technical solutions.
Once again, this may be a good move on Cotendo's part that will lower their costs and improve end user experience, but it is a dangerous one, because if ISPs and CDNs automatically receive the right to manipulate transmitted content however they please, it will certainly lead to abuse in some cases.

Comment Re:I hope this doesn't fly ... (Score 0) 832

Please keep in mind that usually such downgraded hardware is actually a top of the line CPU that has some defects and was unable to pass all the QA tests imposed on the flagship product. So while this stuff may be cracked, it is quite possible that people who do so will experience lots of bugs due to failing cache blocks and hyper-threading modules...
If that's the case, I don't see a problem here: Intel just charges more for a CPU that has all of its components working properly, and less for units that had high failure rates of the said components and had them disabled.

Comment Re:Attach the stupid URL as metadata (Score 1) 109

Wrong. Twitter doesn't treat the username as metadata - it's still limited by that SMS size. From the help center:

Your username can contain up to 15 characters. Why no more? Because we append your username to your 140 characters on outgoing SMS updates and IM messages. If your name is longer than 15 characters, your message would be too long to send in a single text message.

Your real name can be 20 characters long. Although your username may contain only 15 characters, many real names exceed 15 characters. Since we rarely send real name info via text message (except when using the WHO IS command) we added extra characters for folks (like Konstantin Gredeskoul) with longer names. Real names are also used in follow notification and request emails to help accurately identify folks with user names like cupcake25.

Comment Re:Use databases! (Score 1) 235

While theoretically it's definitely possible, I'm not sure if storing BLOBs in a database is a good solution; at least none of our colleagues from other universities and agencies like ESA or NOAA that I personally know (or at least have some knowledge of how their systems are built) use this approach. All of them do exactly as GP said: store metadata and e.g. file paths in the database, and store tables, BLOBs etc in the file system. Since some of these projects have a huge amount of resources, I think that this approach may have more to it than it may seem.
And as far as backups and mirroring go, there are projects that use popular protocols like BitTorrent for mirroring and load balancing, and there are some that have built non-trivial custom data distribution systems (like the SDO guys).

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