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Comment Re:Would You Let a Human Perform Surgery? (Score 1) 209

The better question would be, do you want a human to be responsible for your intensive care? Would you want a human to replace the machines that might keep you alive one day? That do your dialysis?

I sure as HELL would not!

Machines are ideally suited for performing routine tasks that have little if any variation. It will of course take a time to perfect them and it will probably result in accidents and errors in the early stages, and I most certainly would want a qualified person there to oversee the whole operation in case the robot goes bananas. But there is simply nothing better than a machine for a routine task. They don't tire, they don't gloss over details because they get bored, they can't be distracted by personal problems or by external input or emergency calls, and most of all they won't start to chitchat to "distract" you. That alone is enough reason for me to prefer a machine...

Comment But ... but ... this is JAPAN! (Score 1) 159

Realize what this means! Drones, made in Japan. They'll fit into your pocket, be able to hit whatever square inch on this planet you tell them with more force than anything anyone else builds, come with a sleek, chrome polished design, are invisible to radar and whatever other detection you could come up with, cost way less to produce and of course in retail (but you'll never be able to afford spare parts, if you find any that is) and of course look like Mechagodzilla.

On a less funny note, ponder that one of the few areas the US are still at the cutting edge of technology and without any competition is arms. Now ponder what happened with EVERY other tech field the US led and Japan muscled in.

Think it will take long before the US will be using drones "made in Japan"?

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