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Comment Re:Price (Score 1) 172

Even for sequential reads, SSDs can be an improvement. My laptop's SSD can easily handle 200MB/s sequential reads, and you'd need more than one spinning disk to handle that. And a lot of things that seem like sequential reads at a high level turn out not to be. Netflix's streaming boxes, for example, sound like a poster child for sequential reads, but once you factor in the number of clients connected to each one, you end up with a large number of 1MB random reads, which means your IOPS numbers translate directly to throughput.

Spinning disks are still best where capacity is more important than access times. For example, hosting a lot of VMs where each one is typically accessing a small amount of live data (which can be cached in RAM or SSD) but has several GBs of inactive data.

Comment Re:SAS SSD (Score 2) 172

SAS doesn't really get you anything useful with an SSD. The extra chaining isn't that important, because it's easy to get enough SATA sockets to put one in each drive bay. There's no mSATA equivalent for denser storage, and if you really need the extra speed then why not go all the way and get something like FusionIO cards that hang directly off the PCIe bus?

Comment Re:Vigilantism is not a new concept (Score 1) 183

- The occupant(s) of the home must not have provoked or instigated an intrusion; or, provoked/instigated an intruder's threat or use of deadly force.

So that means I have to kill him with the first shot? Because else my shot would certainly have provoked him to use deadly force against me, considering that my intention is to shoot him.

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