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The Internet

Submission + - "Wicked problems" better cracked alone (networkworld.com)

coondoggie writes: "Like Matt Damon's character in Good Will Hunting, individuals can solve more complex problems quicker and more efficiently than Internet-based group brainstorming, researchers at Sandia National Laboratories said today. The researchers looked at solving what they called "Wicked problems," which they defined as problems that by their very definition are so tangled that there is no agreement about their definitions, much less their solutions. The finding that individuals are more successful than groups in computer-mediated brainstorming suggests a time- and cost-saving potential for companies, the researchers said."

Submission + - iPhone low 1st day sales, Apple shareprice drops (channelregister.co.uk)

Rexdude writes: From this article -AT&T's declaration that only 146,000 Apple iPhones registered on its network in the first two days it was on the market has led to widespread shock at what is now being seen as the device's failure and a down period for Apple shares, sliding 7.5 per cent over a few days last week, a fall of some $10bn in total market capitalisation Is this over reaction? Too much to expect within the first two days? Or is the association with AT&T causing the problem? Selling the phone over the counter without forcing a contract would definitely have helped..

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