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Comment Please don't start new projects in C/C++ (Score 1) 611

There are many applications and games written in C/C++ that I love.

I also occasionally code in C - sometimes it is fun to use pointers and read/write files without chaining two or three objects.

There are however huge drawbacks to using C/C++.
There is surely a full list somewhere, but for me currently the not-buying-point is the preprocessor.

The preprocessor allows conditional compilation of any file. Sometimes the file might do that, sometimes something different.

This means that it isn't practical to have pre-compiled modules (although I guess you could go the route of splitting your project into dozens of libraries).
Thus, a very small file can require Gigabytes of memory to compile, because all the dependencies have to be pulled in, and represented in memory.

C is cool for learning how things work, but not good for making things work.

Comment Actually what you said means the opposite (Score 1) 194

If they had a 3D chat client and game in 1995, which contains portions of the patent (which was filed in 1999),
they essentially made their own prior art.

IANAL either, but AFAIK you had 1 year in the US during which you could file a patent after its technology went public, and in Europe you had to file the patent before you made you technology public.

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