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Free Software Foundation Campaigning To Stop UEFI SecureBoot 355

hypnosec writes "The Free Software Foundation is on an offensive against restricted boot systems and is busy appealing for donations and pledge in the form of signatures in a bid to stop systems such as the UEFI SecureBoot from being adopted on a large-scale basis and becoming a norm in the future. The FSF, through an appeal on its website, is requesting users to sign a pledge titled 'Stand up for your freedom to install free software' that they won't be purchasing or recommending for purchase any such system that is SecureBoot enabled or some other form of restricted boot techniques. The FSF has managed to receive, as of this writing, over 41,000 signatures. Organizations like the Debian, Edoceo, Zando, Wreathe and many others have also showed their support for the campaign."

Comment Economy of the pigeons (Score 1) 115

What I really wonder about is the reason that the pigeons don't move elsewhere.

Is hygiene so important for them?
Have they become oblivious to dangers by constantly exposing themselves to them (just look how close they come to humans in the city)?

Or do pigeons who became smart by escaping (there is one such in the video) lead the other unknowing pigeons there for sport?

Is it a mating ritual where the brave get all the girls?

Comment catch and rethrow (Score 1) 536

Well in Java, there is RuntimeExceptions (meant to propagate up to the user, who can give it to support) and Exceptions.

You can handle Exceptions you can't handle by rethrowing them as a RuntimeException. RuntimeExceptions also do not need to be declared in the function signature.

Not that I do that often, I'm busy with PHP, where the exception handling is usually done like "Hey, you broke it!".

Comment Well, I thought about this years ago (Score 1) 529

So, reading the article, a simulation lattice imposes a limit on the amount of energy that can be simulated.

Now some physicists wonder whether there is such a limit.

Well, look no more, we already know the limit because there are black holes, which effectively are a set of nodes in the lattice that are overworked and slow down time near themselves.

The only question is whether it applies to all kinds of energy, but since it applies to light, I guess the answer is yes.

Comment Please don't start new projects in C/C++ (Score 1) 611

There are many applications and games written in C/C++ that I love.

I also occasionally code in C - sometimes it is fun to use pointers and read/write files without chaining two or three objects.

There are however huge drawbacks to using C/C++.
There is surely a full list somewhere, but for me currently the not-buying-point is the preprocessor.

The preprocessor allows conditional compilation of any file. Sometimes the file might do that, sometimes something different.

This means that it isn't practical to have pre-compiled modules (although I guess you could go the route of splitting your project into dozens of libraries).
Thus, a very small file can require Gigabytes of memory to compile, because all the dependencies have to be pulled in, and represented in memory.

C is cool for learning how things work, but not good for making things work.

Comment Actually what you said means the opposite (Score 1) 194

If they had a 3D chat client and game in 1995, which contains portions of the patent (which was filed in 1999),
they essentially made their own prior art.

IANAL either, but AFAIK you had 1 year in the US during which you could file a patent after its technology went public, and in Europe you had to file the patent before you made you technology public.

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