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Comment What happened? Consumers wised up. (Score 1) 425

The 3DS had almost no good launch titles and still suffers from a lack of first party nintendo games, no one wants to buy a console that doesn't have a decent game library. Additionally most people are probably waiting for the inevitable 3DS light or 3DSi upgrade version coming in another year or two that promises improved and additional features at the same price as the original 3DS.

Comment NEAT (Score 4, Informative) 167

This game has come a long way since I saw a demo version in my AI class at UCF, the techniques have a lot of potential to be utilized in other video games as well for dynamic content creation. The NEAT algorithm (NeuroEvolution of Augmenting Topologies is really cool too, in fact I believe it's open source and can be found at Professor Ken Stanley's UCF website.

Comment Sounds like they hold it hostage. (Score 1) 394

'making selected portions and functionality of the operating system unavailable to the user or by limiting the user's ability to add software applications or device drivers to the computer' until an 'agreed upon sum of money' is paid to 'unlock or otherwise make available the restricted functionality.'

Remember those viruses that would hold your hard drive hostage unless you paid a fee online. Microsoft got in on the ground level.

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