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Submission + - New Snowden Revelation: Canadian Spies Targeted Brazil ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: The Enquirer Herald reports, "A Brazilian television report that aired Sunday night said Canadian spies targeted Brazil's Mines and Energy Ministry. The report on Globo television was based on documents leaked by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden and was the latest showing that Latin America's biggest nation has been a target for U.S., British and now Canadian spy agencies. The report said the "metadata" of phone calls and emails from and to the Brazilian ministry were targeted by Canada's Communications Security Establishment to map the ministry's communications, using a software program called Olympia. It didn't indicate if emails were read or phone calls listened to. Brazilian Mines and Energy Minister Edison Lobao told Globo that "Canada has interests in Brazil, above all in the mining sector. I can't say if the spying served corporate interests or other groups." " — More at the CBC.

Submission + - Microsoft Launches Open Source Tool For Testing JavaScript Across Browsers

An anonymous reader writes: Microsoft today launched BrowserSwarm, an open source tool to help Web developers automate testing of their JavaScript frameworks and libraries across devices and browsers. To take advantage, all you have to do is sign up for free here. Microsoft’s pitch is simple: quality frameworks are the foundation for the modern Web, but framework developers often don’t have the resources to test across browsers. As such, BrowserSwarm aims to save them time and server resources by letting the cloud take care of the heavy lifting: no need to set up multiple-browser and device testing environments.

Submission + - GMail Chat/GTalk sending chats to wrong recipients

mystikkman writes: In what is a serious bug, GMail Chat/GTalk/Google Hangouts is sending messages to unintended recipients. ZDNet has confirmed first-hand that the glitch is present within Google Apps for Business accounts, including those that have not yet switched over to Google's new Hangouts platform. Messages appear to be visible on the mobile version of Hangouts. There are multiple reports of this issue.

Submission + - Should Android Worry About CyanogenMod's Deal With Oppo? (

jarold writes: In barely a week of being incorporated, it appears that CyanogenMod has found a partner. It is beginning in its quest to become the third largest operating system in the world, after Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. Steve Kondik, founder of CyanogenMod appeared in an Oppo N1 trailer, stating that he is attending the smartphone’s launch in Beijing on September 23, 2013 and hints of “exciting news ahead”.

After becoming a company, when it secured $7 million funding from Benchmark Capital and Redpoint Ventures, it laid out a plan to become an official operating system and not just a custom Android software developer.The free and open source software has, reportedly, been installed on about eight million Android devices.
If the deal between Cyanogen Inc. and Oppo, it will boost the latter’s efforts in making it’s smartphone segment known to a wider audience. The major product lines of Oppo Electronics Corp include MP3 players, portable Media players, LCD-TVs, eBooks, DVD/Blu-ray Disc players. It entered the mobile phone venture with its flagship Find 5. A new smartphone called N1 is expected to unveil today.

Submission + - Linux isn't API based .. (

An anonymous reader writes: "Snover (one of the original authors of PowerShell) explained that Windows is API based, whereas Linux and Unix are file based, which makes it harder to automate configuration and makes this approach necessary"

Submission + - Researcher:Hackers can cause traffic jams by manipulating real-time traffic data (

An anonymous reader writes: Hackers can influence real-time traffic-flow-analysis systems to make people drive into traffic jams or to keep roads clear in areas where a lot of people use Google or Waze navigation systems, a German researcher demonstrated at BlackHat Europe.

“You don’t need special equipment for this and you can manipulate traffic data worldwide,” Jeske said.


Submission + - Method Developed to Produce Vastly Cheaper Clean Water 1

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "David Alexander reports that defense contractor Lockheed Martin has found a way to produce thin carbon membranes with regular holes about a nanometer in size that are large enough to allow water to pass through but small enough to block the molecules of salt in seawater, potentially making it vastly cheaper to produce clean water at a time when scarcity has become a global security issue. Because the sheets of pure carbon known as graphene are so thin — just one atom in thickness — it takes much less energy to push the seawater through the filter with the force required to separate the salt from the water. "It's 500 times thinner than the best filter on the market today and a thousand times stronger," says John Stetson, who began working on the issue in 2007. "The energy that's required and the pressure that's required to filter salt is approximately 100 times less." Stetson adds that if the new filter material, known as Perforene, was compared to the thickness of a piece of paper, the nearest comparable filter for extracting salt from seawater would be the thickness of three reams of paper — more than half a foot thick. Access to clean drinking water is increasingly seen as a major global security issue. Competition for water is likely to lead to instability and potential state failure in countries important to the United States, according to a U.S. intelligence community report last year. According to the report “during the next 10 years, many countries important to the United States will almost certainly experience water problems — shortages, poor water quality, or floods — that will contribute to the risk of instability and state failure, and increase regional tensions (PDF).""

Submission + - China 3-D Prints Its Newest Jets, Dramatically Cut Cost and Time ( 2

hackingbear writes: Cong Sun, Chief Architect of the new Chinese carrier-based J-15 fighter jet Cong, recently unveiled that 3D printing has been widely used in designing and producing of the jet which had its first successful test in October 2012. 3D printing has been used to manufacture critical titanium alloy load-bearing structure on the aircraft, including the entire nose landing gear. China aims to become a leader in commercializing 3D printing technology to manufacture titanium parts in aviation industry. The laser additive manufacturing technology could save 90% of raw material, and the cost is only 5% of the traditional method — for example, the cost of a part made with traditional technology is 25 million RMB (4 million USD), but using laser additive manufacturing technology the cost is only 1.3 million (210K USD). Because no tooling is required, the processing charge is also just 10% of the orginal. Chief Architect Cong Sun recently unveiled that 3D printing has been widely used in designing and producing of the newest J-15 prototype which had its first successful test in October 2012. 3D printing has been used to manufacture critical titanium alloy load-bearing structure on the aircraft, including the entire nose landing gear. If the forged titanium parts on an American F-22 were made in China, 40 percent of the weight can be reduced while same strength could be maintained. Chinese media report (in Chinese) also credited the use of 3-D printing in recent massive speeding up of new generation military jet development, including the J-31 stealth fighter jets. Looks like we can outsource F-22/F-35 production as well to save our budget.

Submission + - Aaron Swartz's Estate Seeks Release of Documents

theodp writes: The Boston Globe reports that the estate of Aaron Swartz filed a motion in federal court in Boston Friday to allow the release of documents in the case that has generated national controversy over the US attorney's aggressive pursuit of a stiff sentence. The Court filing suggests that the US attorney's office is still up for jerking Aaron around a little posthumously, seeking what his lawyers termed overbroad redactions, including names and titles that are already publicly known. Swartz's family also seeks the return of his seized property. Last week, Swartz's girlfriend accused MIT of dragging its feet on investigating his suicide. Meanwhile, Slate's Justin Peters asks if the Justice Department learned anything from the Aaron Swartz case, noting that Matthew Keys, who faces 25 years in prison for crimes that include aiding-and-abetting the display of humorously false content, could replace Swartz as the poster boy for prosecutorial overreach.

Submission + - X-Plane Inventor Discusses Patent Trolls (

ShoulderOfOrion writes: Austin Meyer, creator of the X-Plane PC flight simulator, holds a podcast discussion with an editor of the online aviation website Avweb. The latter half of the podcast discusses Meyer's battles with a patent troll, his views on the patent system in general, and his intent to fight the troll and change the system. It also discusses the impact the patent battle is having on the X-Plane flight simulator, particularly on Android. The patent conversation starts at 11:50 on the podcast.

Submission + - NVIDIA's GeForce TITAN Scores Big, Tested In 15 Different Game Benchmarks ( 1

MojoKid writes: NVIDIA's new GeForce GTX Titan graphics card, announced earlier this week, employs a massive 7.1 billion transistor GPU and 6GB of GDDR5 memory clocked at an effective 6GHz. With those kinds of specs, you can imagine the new GeForce cuts through gaming and graphics benchmarks like a hot knife through butter. Tested in fifteen different game benchmarks, in both single and multi-card configurations as well as overlocked, it's apparent that NVIDIA can easily lay claim to the fastest consumer 3D graphics processor on the market right now. And yes, it even runs Crysis 3 with ease. Regardless of resolution, the GeForce GTX Titan outpaces the Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition and NVIDIA's previous high-end card, the GeForce GTX 680, sometimes by margins over 50 percent.

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