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Comment Re:Not as bad as it sounds! (Score 3, Interesting) 521

Because it's like that saying if you get handed lemons, make lemonade. GPL relies on the exact same copyright law pertaining to EVERYBODY and available to EVERYBODY but turns the implementation on it's ear by giving things away in a very specific and legal manner that software companies don't like. They can't break GPL without seriously breaking the law that protects their own copyrights.

Comment Re:ID what? (Score 1) 1055

I use interactive debugging, but I try not to be in such a rush to hit f5, f8, f10 or whatever. I read the error message that was generated and think about it and the code for a few moments. I may not have to fire up the debugger at all. Maybe there are assertions that help identify the bug. This may be the only option in some environments where interactive debugging is verboten. Nothing wrong with the interactive debugger. I've used it to brute-force my way through some ugly and unfamiliar stuff. It may not be the most efficient debugging tool for every occassion.

Comment Waterfall was never valid (Score 2) 726

Dr. Royce used it as an example of a methodology that doesn't work, but what he described was easy to understand so it gained traction with management types. It's like the joke where the guy says he's looking for a lost quarter under a streetlamp because the light is better than where he lost it.
I think his suggestion was to 'build it twice' via prototyping to discover what was missed in the requirements gathering and design phases.

Is the Gaming PC Dead? 417

An anonymous reader writes "Rahul Sood, HP's CTO of gaming, argues that the days of a market that wants PCs running three $500 GPUs is history; he argues that it's really a tough or impossible sell. '... let's face it, high-end hardware has delivered diminishing returns in terms of value. This is why you don't see ridiculous offerings like Quad SLI and 2-kilowatt power supplies coming from our company.' But don't the ideas of customization and market pricing for components tend to undercut that? Is the gaming PC dead?"

Online Billpay Provider Loses Control of Domains 232

An anonymous reader writes "Several sites are running a story about a domain hijacking at Checkfree, the largest provider of online bill payment services to numerous banks and credit unions. According to Network Solutions, someone logged in to the domain administration page using Checkfree's account, and redirected its domains to a site in the Ukraine configured to serve up malware to unsuspecting users." Things like this make me nervous about switching to otherwise-tempting online bill payment, but checks are dangerous, too.

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