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Comment Re:Riiight (Score 1) 685

This has been my experience also.

I recently moved from a rental house that had pretty bad internal wiring. A particular UPS was unusable as it would just light up like an xmas tree and squeal about the dirty power.

I couldn't run too many CFL's as they would burn out in under a month in -most- sockets, others lasted the whole time I was there.

I bought the house I moved into and clean power was pretty important to me. This house had a good deal of it's electrical recently rewired with a brand new 100 amp panel outside and a bunch of new wiring in. The house came decked out in CFLs and I haven't had one burn out yet. I even installed some dimmable ones and run them dimmed most of the time and they have been fine for about a year so far. There are about three that live outside and the temperature flux from the seasons or even during the day haven't affected them yet.

Just my two cents...


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