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Journal Journal: In Passing: Prepay before pumping

This morning i went to put gas in the car. I switched gas stations because i don't like answering three-million questions before being able to start the gas pumping. Sheesh, ask if if i want a receipt after it starts, why waste so much precious time (in the freezing weather)!

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Journal Journal: Game: Battle Monkeys (rules)

Been playing Battle Monkeys.

Learning what each icon does and proc-order is important, but i haven't seen it explained in detail in one place. So, i decided to place a start, here, so as to have it somewhere:

Each Item can be used once. When used, the icon disappears.

Names appearing on four-part screen before game starts are colored based on rank.

Comment Re:TransParent Proxy (Score 1) 5

I'm told the kid is comfortable with the computer. Also, he is a teenager, so he likely gets around when his parents are not.

They suspect that he might be having an issue. They want to verify before taking any action.

I might give more advice later, but first step is to help them check out if their fears are true.

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Journal Journal: Question: URL monitoring 5

I was asked by a not very technical friend, who was asked by another, to help them track where their son is going on the Internet. They are not technical at all, but they suspect their son may be visiting inappropriate websites, and if so, they want to talk to him, but first they want to capture the urls surreptitiously to see if their concerns are valid.

Comment Moo (Score 1) 9

UIs becoming mildly useful after only decades of no imagination gives me hope yet once again for flying cars.

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