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it's not the next couple days i'm thinking about, that isn't much. it's the upcoming holiday (succos) that im more likely to enjoy everything ive been holding back from for four months. even if i gain 10 pounds (unlikely, other than water) it'd feel good to restart the diet. i want to get down to 130, so a break in the action before that would be very welcome.

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Heh, thanx, already did. It feels great to be in a 38" pants. My belt is at its lowest setting, but it does not seem to be getting any lower. I should be going off my diet due to the holidays, and resume it afterward. Then, maybe, i'll need to buy(!) a new belt.

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Journal Journal: Chronicle: Got an EKG (4) 4

Went back to the doctor to check on my cholesterol. After about four months, my weight dropped from 186 to 153 (might have taken my shows off last time, however) to the point where after comparing the nurse weighed me a second time. Then a small conversation ensued, basically: "How do you lose all that weight?" "Eat less." "Fair enough." I'm also down to a 38" waist from 44 +/-2, so things are looking good.

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Journal Journal: Question: Excel: Edited Hebrew is reversed on reopen. 5

Someone just asked me about Excel. She works on a sheet that has English and Hebrew words. If she edits any existing Hebrew entries, or enters any Hebrew herself, when she reopens the file the Hebrew letters show up in reverse order (Hebrew is RTL). Any idea what could be wrong?

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Journal Journal: Chronicle: Mother's computer slows down or freezes (2) 2

Continuing on my mother's computer , i took Com2kid's, Cyberdyne's, and Bill Dog's advice, and checked PIO Mode. I had no idea how to check what mode it was in, but it was set to "DMA if possible". A little googling and checking the registry, i reset the error counts, rebooted and all was better. Thanx!

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