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Journal Journal: Mini Rant: Matching terms 2

Why do i see people using Header & Trailer records? It is Header & Footer! Get it, the head is opposite the foot. If it is a Trailer record, the former is a Leader record. Head is the top of the body, foot is the bottom; lead comes before, trail comes after. Sheesh, some people just don't think! When should one be used over the other? It is a matter of paradigm. Are the records "part of" the body or not?

Comment Re:My experience (Score 1) 3

Google Translate does a half decent job.

For example, the beginning

Constare animalium corpora ex calidi, frigidi, sicci, humidique mixtura, nec esse horum omnium parem in temperatura portionem, demonstratum antiquis abunde est, tum philosophorum, tum medicorum praecipuis. Diximus autem & nos de iis, ea quae probabilia sunt uisa alio opere. In quo de iis, quae Hyppocrates constituit elementis, egimus. Hoc opere, quod illi proxime succedit, omnium temperamentorum differentias, quot hae, qualesque sint, siue generatim quis, siue membratim diuidat, inuenire docebo. Sumamque ab ipsa nominum interpretatione principium. Cum nanque ex calidi, frigidi, sicci, & humidi, temperatura conflari corpora dicunt, de iis, quae summo gradu sic se habent, ipsis scilicet elementis, aÃre, igni, aqua. terra, intelligendum aiunt. Cum uero animal, stirpemue calidam, humimidam, frigidam, uel siccam esse, non item. Neque enim ullum animal, aut calidum in summo esse posse, ut est ignis, aut in summo humidum, sicut est aqua: pari modo nec frigidum, siccumue in summo. Sed ab eo quod in mixtura pollet, appellationem sortiri,

is translated as

The animal is composed bodies to be of hot, cold, dry, and moist mixture , nor the being of those of all the peer in the portion of the temperature has been demonstrated of old time, it is quite enough , as well as of the philosophers , as well as the principal of physicians . But we have said & which we find out what those are things that are more or less probable it seemed appropriate for another work . In which of the things which constitutes the elements of Hippocrates , and have dealt wickedly . This work , which is now the former is succeeded by , of all the combinations of the differences, and how many these are , and what they are , or in general any man , whether in its constituent parts divide , find the symptoms. Sumamque of names from the very interpretation of the principle. Since, for a portion of hot, cold, dry, and somewhat moist , the temperature of melting down their bodies , they say, of the things which the highest degree of the same relationship holds present, namely, the elements, air , fire, water . land , they understood . But when an animal, stirpemue hot , humimidam , cold water , or dry to be, not the same. For it is not any kind of animal , or the hot to be in the highest degree to be able to , as it is a fire , or at the top of the moist , as it is in water, and in the same way nor cold, siccumue at the top. But from the fact that in a mixture is endowed with , and the calling to draw lots ,

(stirpemue can become two words, stirpe mue, and humimdam can be corrected based on the proofreader's note to humidam) Which seems good enough to understand what he meant. A professional translation would be nicer, but probably too expensive. I have asked for a ball park quote, we'll see where that goes.

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Journal Journal: Silliness: Friday Pi Day 2

Well, it's Friday, Pi day, as i'm sure you know.
But next year will be even so much more so
And a year after that, you can feel rounded
Anyone else wish to hear this expounded?

Comment Re:Keeps Happening All Over (Score 1) 6

Wow, that does look bad! It's like their moving from document presentation to a controlled media platform. That will either fail or spawn a real "Internet 2.0". Heh, let's go fork the Internet.

I fixed the issue on my side: I deleted all slashdot cookies that had the "beta" in the name. I couldn't even reply with the beta. Moderation will now be coming to a JE near you.

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Journal Journal: Verbiage: Beta and Mod points 6

I was sneaking around slashdot before, and now the front-page and journals all sow up in the beta. Removing "beta." from the URL is of no help. It reminds me of Windows 8, which made me switch away from Windows and to the Mac. Perhaps, we are now entering the Third Age of slashdot.

Comment Moo (Score 1) 3

I thought The Usual suspects, along with any other movie where you can change the last 15 minutes and arrive at a completely different story, is stupid.

Nice writing style though.

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Journal Journal: Question: Popular email program 4

A friend asked me how to change top-post/bottom-post in Thunderbird. He intentionally uses a strict white-listing ISP, so searching is difficult (and that is pretty much how he wants it). That ISP offers excellent service and support to those who want exactly that type of service. Nonetheless, the time comes when you have to ask someone else to find something out for you. A

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