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Journal Journal: Silliness: Friday Pi Day 2

Well, it's Friday, Pi day, as i'm sure you know.
But next year will be even so much more so
And a year after that, you can feel rounded
Anyone else wish to hear this expounded?

Comment Re:Keeps Happening All Over (Score 1) 6

Wow, that does look bad! It's like their moving from document presentation to a controlled media platform. That will either fail or spawn a real "Internet 2.0". Heh, let's go fork the Internet.

I fixed the issue on my side: I deleted all slashdot cookies that had the "beta" in the name. I couldn't even reply with the beta. Moderation will now be coming to a JE near you.

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Journal Journal: Verbiage: Beta and Mod points 6

I was sneaking around slashdot before, and now the front-page and journals all sow up in the beta. Removing "beta." from the URL is of no help. It reminds me of Windows 8, which made me switch away from Windows and to the Mac. Perhaps, we are now entering the Third Age of slashdot.

Comment Moo (Score 1) 3

I thought The Usual suspects, along with any other movie where you can change the last 15 minutes and arrive at a completely different story, is stupid.

Nice writing style though.

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Journal Journal: Question: Popular email program 4

A friend asked me how to change top-post/bottom-post in Thunderbird. He intentionally uses a strict white-listing ISP, so searching is difficult (and that is pretty much how he wants it). That ISP offers excellent service and support to those who want exactly that type of service. Nonetheless, the time comes when you have to ask someone else to find something out for you. A

Comment Moo (Score 1) 19

Apple wants you to use the app store for app management. If you use it, it's a simple click to update everything. Outside of that, it's an individual thing.

Apps are really mini file systems that should include all it's files. Hence, to delete, just delete the file. In reality however, some apps leave a footprint. AppCleaner does a decent (though not perfect) job. Or, just do it manually.

Ultimately, the macbook can be used as a cookie sheet. :)

Comment Re:baa (Score 1) 2

Reply or moderate, reply or moderate. I replied. :)

Once, at the office, i requested a database driver for a server, and proceeded to find an alternative method until the official solution came.

Some months later (end of year?), i get a call from support asking if the issue was resolved. I explained to him that we were using a workaround. He asked if he could close the ticket.

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Journal Journal: Chronicle: Bug gets response after ~2.5 years. 2

I created a ticket to report a bug in Spreadsheet::ParseExcel on 8/23/11. Just got the reply today, 3/11/14. Is 2.5 years good turnaround?

Of course, the response was to reject the report and blame it on someone else. :) He did say he would file a bug report with WriteExcel though. Progress. I don't care anymore, but its progress. That's always a good thing, right?

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