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Comment Moo (Score 1) 2

I'm not in Google+. Though i have joined the small circle at multiply.com.

Comment Re:Moo (Score 1) 1521

Heh. Maybe. Approximately 5 hours before i signed up, someone else got uid 17 (outside the US). So, before morning broke in the US, 2 and most 3 digit uids were taken. Those numbers went (relatively) fast. I wonder how long the four digit ones were open.

Comment Moo (Score 1) 1521

I stopped reading the front page a while a go as the stories were not what they used to be. (A friend told me about this story.) I even stopped JEs here in the last major UI change. It's a new generation and i am not with the new style.

Taco, thanx for the website. I kept up with news here for a few years, and learnt to write JEs here.

I remember finding the site and loving it. It was already /. but before UIDs. I spread the word to my friends, and read it every day. One morning i woke up and found UID were added, and was lucky enough to get a small UID. I still feels good to have. It's my small part in Internet history. Slashdot is that big.

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Yeah, getting by in English does make it a lot harder. I've had that myself.

Now i'm curious to know what works, after it does. :)

Comment Moo (Score 1) 3

Before any comments, i must say you pout together a nice piece here. Well done.

A couple comments, one the Hebrew plural for elohim is a masculine plural on a feminine word. Makes your comments interesting in that mere side point.

Two, Jung has the entire theory of the unconscious based on archetypes. The duality of male/female or yin/yang or anima/animus, is well documented and found in many cultures and myths. Also the mother and father archetypes themselves. I mention this as many examples you gave dance around these very concepts that he elaborated. If the male/female aspect of the whole mentioned here is a mere step to get to the goal, his elaborations are just interesting; if they are an integral part of the whole, his insights can be fascinating.

On the "Women seem well in control of the switch when it comes to custody.". IIUC, men have always had the upper hand as they "owned" the children. It was only after women's lib that demonized single men that caused this switch to favor women in custody. And, it is not followed in most of the world.

A couple typos with "children then".

Nice piece.

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Journal Journal: Where to post new JEs? 9

I'm looking to post more JEs, but not here on slashdot, it just isn't my style anymore. I'm thinking of using Blogger or Wordpress, or whatever fits my style. First thing to be looked for is preview showing me the editable copy without me having to go to another page to edit it, like it used to be here. Any ideas?

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