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Comment Moo (Score 1) 19

Apple wants you to use the app store for app management. If you use it, it's a simple click to update everything. Outside of that, it's an individual thing.

Apps are really mini file systems that should include all it's files. Hence, to delete, just delete the file. In reality however, some apps leave a footprint. AppCleaner does a decent (though not perfect) job. Or, just do it manually.

Ultimately, the macbook can be used as a cookie sheet. :)

Comment Re:baa (Score 1) 2

Reply or moderate, reply or moderate. I replied. :)

Once, at the office, i requested a database driver for a server, and proceeded to find an alternative method until the official solution came.

Some months later (end of year?), i get a call from support asking if the issue was resolved. I explained to him that we were using a workaround. He asked if he could close the ticket.

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Journal Journal: Chronicle: Bug gets response after ~2.5 years. 2

I created a ticket to report a bug in Spreadsheet::ParseExcel on 8/23/11. Just got the reply today, 3/11/14. Is 2.5 years good turnaround?

Of course, the response was to reject the report and blame it on someone else. :) He did say he would file a bug report with WriteExcel though. Progress. I don't care anymore, but its progress. That's always a good thing, right?

Comment Re:Moo (Score 1) 9

Backup, good point, i ought to do that.

Slashdot has been around almost two decades now. While it isn't what it was, it is something. A major change will likely hurt, but i don't think will kill it. Nerds are younger and different, maybe they need the change.

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Journal Journal: Chronicle: A bad idea i mentioned gets implemented

What was actually in the requirements and what the business customer thought was in the requirements were at odds. Apparently, a change was discussed, something was put in the requirements, and the business user signed off thinking her changes were implemented in it.

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Journal Journal: Verbiage: Some random debugging session

A team member from Chenai asked me why a script which EXECUTEd a PACKAGE i wrote wasn't working. First thing i did was run it myself via SQL*Plus, which is did splendidly, i might add. :) First thing accomplished, it's not a problem in QA, it's the script.

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Journal Journal: Silliness: Commenting the wrong way

In middle of redacting a VIEW that deals with groups, members, and precedence, i fixed a bug, and explained a line in greater detail with (what i think is) the correct logic. (The actual COLUMN name has been shortened):

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