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Journal Journal: Game: Game of 10

Playing the Game of 10. Make 10 from the numbers. Rules are pretty easy, and includes undo and replay. It starts in the tutorial as extremely easy, then gets harder and harder.

It's available online (javascript), with more levels in iOS, purportedly free for a few days before it goes up to $0.99.

Comment Moo (Score 4, Funny) 438

"My pet peeve is inertia," says Trollope. "There are many good reasons for keeping your engines on in space, but 'maintaining speed' is not one of them. If you turn your engines off, you don't stop."

I have *years* of experience watching Star Trek to know that isn't true. Indeed, the only thing inertia can do for space travel is keeping horrid shows about it from being cancelled.

Comment Re:Moo (Score 1) 9

Heh. I'm using my mac mini (to type this comment) with a "Windows" keyboard and mouse. Which many people to find more functional than the apple thin, no spaces stuff. Then again, apple keyboard functional is quite lacking.

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Journal Journal: Moderator Points: expire on 2013-10-02

I've been logging in lately, posting JEs and commenting (read:fishing), just because.

And now i have mod points. That's just weird. I don't care. No, that's not right. I shouldn't care, but i do. :(

I hate myself.

Comment Moo (Score 1) 9

I'm tempted to get an ipad (after i get a job and have the money to purchase it), but every time i pick up one of these pad devices, i find myself at a loss for how to use it. It's like it's the exact opposite of a functional device, instead being flashy and smooth, and whatever.

So why do i want an ipad? Well, it's a nice computer to run those nifty apps, and is more convenient than a laptop.

Wait, wait, i'm rambling again.

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