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Heh. I'm using my mac mini (to type this comment) with a "Windows" keyboard and mouse. Which many people to find more functional than the apple thin, no spaces stuff. Then again, apple keyboard functional is quite lacking.

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Journal Journal: Moderator Points: expire on 2013-10-02

I've been logging in lately, posting JEs and commenting (read:fishing), just because.

And now i have mod points. That's just weird. I don't care. No, that's not right. I shouldn't care, but i do. :(

I hate myself.

Comment Moo (Score 1) 9

I'm tempted to get an ipad (after i get a job and have the money to purchase it), but every time i pick up one of these pad devices, i find myself at a loss for how to use it. It's like it's the exact opposite of a functional device, instead being flashy and smooth, and whatever.

So why do i want an ipad? Well, it's a nice computer to run those nifty apps, and is more convenient than a laptop.

Wait, wait, i'm rambling again.

Comment Moo (Score 5, Funny) 473

In other news, Slashdot has decided to get rid of the commenting system, noting that most comments are not informative, and only serve to derail the important points with discussions of overlords, hot grits, and first posts. Instead, only the Slashdot team will be able to comment, limited to which "dept" the story came from.

The change on slashdot was well received according to the poll asking about it. The one choice, Cowboy Neal, which was explained to mean "yes", was the overwhelming choice by voters. The change is expected to make it easier on new users.

Erstwhile administrator and founder Cmdr Taco, said simply, "In Soviet Russia, this is how we did it."

Submission + - Naps Nurture Growing Brains (

sciencehabit writes: Few features of child-rearing occupy as much parental brain space as sleep, and with it the timeless question: Is my child getting enough? Despite the craving among many parents for more sleep in their offspring (and, by extension, themselves), the purpose that sleep serves in young kids remains something of a mystery—especially when it comes to daytime naps. Do they help children retain information, as overnight sleep has been found to do in adults? A new study provides the first evidence that daytime sleep is in fact critical for effective learning in young children.

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