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Comment moo (Score 1) 17

I'm waiting for things to calm down before ordering. Though i do believe they will change the world.

Comment Re:Moo (Score 1) 9

It only tells me to about the latest version when upgrading 3.6 with security patches. Of which, iirc, there's only two more before dropping support.

If there is a fork, i hope i get wind of it. Methinks there may be a lot of interest for it.

Comment Re:Moo (Score 1) 9

It would have been trivial to put plugins into an architecture specific directory. This has been common practice in the sysadmin world for donkey's years. I've been doing it since the mid-90s, for example, and I learned about it from people that had been doing it for years before that. But no, Mozilla is written by people from a Windows background with no concept of such things.

Good point.

Comment Moo (Score 1) 9

I stopped with 3.6. I upgraded to 4, hit 5 gave up, went back to 3.6. With OldLocationBar, getting rid of that annoying bar, it's probably the best of the bunch.

I get the feeling that the newer developers don't appreciate having your own flavor. It's just follow the leader. The problem is, this leads Mozilla into a lack of identity, and as a follower, will eventually fade away. Plugins are probably the only thing keeping it alive.

Comment Moo (Score 1) 3

Moldova sounds so much cooler than Ethiopia.

Mind you, not the country or even the weather; just the name: Mol-do' va. The guy who made that name certainly had a mustache.

Comment Moo (Score 1) 2

I'm not in Google+. Though i have joined the small circle at

Comment Re:Moo (Score 1) 1521

Heh. Maybe. Approximately 5 hours before i signed up, someone else got uid 17 (outside the US). So, before morning broke in the US, 2 and most 3 digit uids were taken. Those numbers went (relatively) fast. I wonder how long the four digit ones were open.

Comment Moo (Score 1) 1521

I stopped reading the front page a while a go as the stories were not what they used to be. (A friend told me about this story.) I even stopped JEs here in the last major UI change. It's a new generation and i am not with the new style.

Taco, thanx for the website. I kept up with news here for a few years, and learnt to write JEs here.

I remember finding the site and loving it. It was already /. but before UIDs. I spread the word to my friends, and read it every day. One morning i woke up and found UID were added, and was lucky enough to get a small UID. I still feels good to have. It's my small part in Internet history. Slashdot is that big.

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