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Comment Re:Compensation is Peanuts (Score 1) 189

Let's not forget that these games are pretty old, and a few of them have sequels out. That sweetens the deal for developers... maybe there are people that haven't tried LittleBigPlanet, but through this, will try it, like it, and buy LittleBigPlanet 2. Personally, I never thought Infamous looked interesting, but now that it's free, my interest is piqued to at least try it. And if I like it, well, the developers could end up scoring a sale of Infamous 2 that they wouldn't have gotten otherwise.

Comment Wow... (Score 2) 101

"Activision doesn’t always seem to get the credit it deserves in terms of innovation in my opinion"

We're talking about the same Activision that bought the Guitar Hero franchise, released an exceptionally crappy Guitar Hero 3, then added the full band concept into part 4 after Harmonix (the original creators of Guitar Hero) released Rock Band and made it popular? Oh, and then Band Hero, lol.

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