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Comment on call (Score 1) 396

I would love to find some part time work, the problem is that the IT work that I do...really doesn't lend itself to just being somewhere a few hours. It's all stuff that requires you to at least be available on-call 24x7. Not that I usually have to work that much, but still if you are the network guy and the network breaks, you have to fix it, whenever that is. And if you have multiple clients, and they all have problems at the same time...well it could get ugly...

Comment What Will This Do to Amazon 3rd Party Sales? (Score 2, Insightful) 358

The Amazon Marketplace, ZShops, etc., are a huge moneymaker for Amazon now. They are also a safety net for a lot of people who have lost their jobs.

Do the states that are pushing for sales tax collection really expect all of these small-scale sellers to set aside and remit taxes to the hundreds of separate jurisdictions in the USA? Or, do they expect Amazon to collect the tax based on where the 3rd party seller says they are located?

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