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Comment Re:quicksort better than OOP? (Score 1) 598

And not at all like OOP as it is generally understood by Java, C#, and C++ programmers. Again, no one can even agree on what constitutes OOP. It's an incoherent concept at best. Dig up a few definitions. You'll find most are vague, many are inconsistent, and a few so broad that they're meaningless.

Really, OOP is having the data combined with the functions that operate on the data. Everything else involved in OOP derives from that.

"OOP is an exceptionally bad idea which could only have originated in California" — Edsger Dijkstra

Bertrand Meyer digs deeply into the Liskov style of OOP in his book Object Oriented Software Construction, and concludes that invariants and proofs are one of the most important concepts that can be learned from the Object Oriented Method. So much so that he created a language based around that idea (Eiffel, where each method and class can have a formal contract). The end result looks a lot like what Dijkstra himself wrote about in A Method of Programming.

In other words, digging deeply into OOP, which Dijkstra despised, leads directly to programming by proof, which Dijkstra loved (maybe too much).

Comment Re:JIT Education (Score 0) 745

Well said, that is truth well written

Aside from the obvious that workers are not slaves (you have freedom to leave etc), thinking of yourself as a slave is a poisonous attitude to have that will hurt you. Perhaps the best way to explain it is with this quote that illustrates the same point differently, "the most dangerous financial mistake a person can make is to think they are working for someone else." If you're thinking of yourself as a slave, you are thinking of yourself as working for someone else. Your current job can be a stepping stone for you to move your career to where you want to be, to reach your goals in life. Even if you're just working as a janitor, you can still use it to your advantage. Think Harrison Ford working as a carpenter on movie sets putting him in the right situation to get a movie role.

If you think of yourself as a slave, it will make you miserable at work. A better attitude is to think, "I am providing something of value to the company in exchange for something of value in return." That attitude makes you feel more free, because if they stop providing sufficient value, you will know when to leave. It gives you power to ignore TPS reports because you know that's not the value you provide. You will feel so much happier at work if you look at it that way. (The Tao of Programming has some good reading to this point in chapter 7, I strongly suggest checking it out).

And maybe as the main point, some jobs just treat you like a slave, yelling at you, trying to get you to work every weekend, etc. Or maybe you just don't like your career, like the guy in Office Space. Don't let people yell at you. That's the case where you should get another job, or even career. Personally, I like programming, and I enjoy a lot of the challenges at work, so I will stay in this career. But I've found a company that is more interested in getting the job done than in how many hours I work. So I work 30 hours a week. Find something you like, don't put up with slave-driver jobs.

Comment Re:meg whitman is a fucking loser (Score 1) 477

why do shitty CEOs still get jobs?

Because there aren't enough good CEOs to go around. What, you want someone who knows how to run a business, satisfy employees and customers AND random people on the internet? Those people are rare.

What HP investor could possibly want that idiot in charge?

Well, in the case of HP, the board is equally idiotic. Seriously, do a search for some of the dumb things they've done over the last decade.

Comment Re:Runnin' on Empty... (Score 4, Insightful) 477

Yeah, if you're going to do something like this, you need to give your developers something to believe in, a reason to work for the company. Otherwise your developers will see it and find another place to work.

And honestly, it's not clear at all that HP has anything to believe in. If you say, "During this critical turnaround period, HP needs all hands on deck," you better have an actual way to turn the company around.

Comment Re:Charles Darwin Wrote (Score 5, Insightful) 745

what's more likely. people with higher melanin levels are more violent, or laws written by the majority population are biased against the minority population.

Do you really think laws against violent crime are biased against the minority population? Really?

How about an alternate explanation, people growing up in inner city poverty are more violent. Once they break the cultural cycle of violence, we see that skin color doesn't matter. It's culture, not melanin.

Comment Re:My thought exactly (Score 1) 871

It's a matter of prioritization that you're missing. The founders desired a free state, and understood that the existence of such is wholly contingent upon certain rights of the individual being sacrosanct. It's pretty clear from a reading of the Bill of Rights which those were: speech, press, religion, personal ownership of arms, security of house, home and private effects, right to a trial by jury with representation of legal counsel, etc., etc.

They understood that without these liberties **of individuals** being protected as inviolate (or as nearly so as practicable), a free state could not exist. To attempt to examine the relative worth of the 5th Amendment by evaluating its possible effects on crime in society misses the point...the free society desired by the architects of the republic simply does not exist without it (again, see Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay). Ergo, any utilitarian analysis of this sort is pointless on its face.

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