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Comment nope (Score 1) 109

Google's broken analytics keep telling me I would enjoy Drudge and Limbaugh apps, when I know damn well that I won't. To be fair, though, it's based on what's popular in my area. Other things "popular in [my] area" of Denver include local channel 7 affiliate apps from fucking Michigan and the like.

Google's shotgun approach to personalization has yet to impress me.

Comment Re:Short yellow lights are a safety hazard (Score 1) 507

Cities aren't the only ones who try to get away with this. I was ticketed by campus police for parking on railroad tracks. I sent in a photo of the car, parked on the tracks, with the decades-abandoned tracks running right under the pavement still in frame a few feet from the car, along with a note that told them to go fuck themselves. Never heard anything more about it.

Comment Dumb Fucks (Score 1) 996

"That's about one drink for a woman weighing less than 120 lbs., two for a 160 lb. man."

Of what? Wine? 3.2 beer? Everclear? How many Olympic-sized swimming pools of this mystery liquid would it take to put half a football field full of average-sized men (lined up head to feet) over the new legal limit?

Suck it, AP.

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