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Comment Re:Write your name with a pen? (Score 1) 82

I suspect, FWIW, the complete works of Byron are in the public domain and can be downloaded for free anyway...

(That said I'm aware that it doesn't matter. If I had a complete copy of the works of Asimov, signed by the good Doctor himself, I wouldn't want to vandalize it either.)

Comment Re:This thread... (Score 1) 376

You're right, it's an obvious dog whistle. I'd challenge the GP to come up with a case where any previous Democratic President or Presidential candidate had a Welfare-related term associated with him by a Republican.

I'm not sure what it is but I've seen a real increase in what might be called the resentment movement here, an assumption that white males have it bad because groups that, as groups, have historically faced socially (including legal, financial, etc) hurdles are finally being given a helping hand. If these attempts to bring equality were being seen as overwhelmingly successful, to the point that women were outnumbering men in high paying respected professions, I'd see the point. But Google's doing this precisely because women make up such a tiny proportion of its own workforce - and not because of any apparent discrimination at the hiring or supervision level.

Comment Re:Cool solution looking for a problem (Score 1) 427

I don't think there's much doubt that a watch that's sufficiently advanced in features will find a niche - it feels like not very long ago that watches did compete on functionality. The 1980s was full of cheap calculator watches and expensive chronometer/time-in-three-time-zones fifty-different-dials type watches. And they sold for a while.

Me though... I'd actually wear a watch if they weren't uncomfortable. I love the things, especially mechanical watches, so it's not the feature set I find a problem.

About the only thing that would make me wear one despite the discomfort would be in-built teleportation. That would be the killer app. I doubt Google is working on that though.






Comment Re:I'm sure he learned nothing (Score 1) 281

If you invest dollars in a bank in Africa, you're going out of your way to stay out of the system. By comparison, MtGox was a mainstream Bitcoin institution, and was even recommended (LONG AFTER THE THING COLLAPSED) by outfits like

Not a reasonable comparison. By every measure MtGox was a central pillar of the Bitcoin system and establishment. A bank that's obviously and intentionally outside of the jurisdiction of the Federal Reserve? No.

Comment Re:He didn't sacrifice a goat to the SJWs. (Score 1) 281

No, he didn't.

Karpalas bought a company called MtGox from an early Bitcoin pioneer, who'd originally intended to start a Magic: The Gathering exchange product, and registered the name Mt Gox with the intention of doing this. Said person then decided to go into Bitcoins instead, long before Karpalas entered the scene.

Comment Re:Over 330 hours per month for family of four (Score 1) 184

A little improbable (if we're talking "download hours" rather than "eyeball hours" - the former is relevant to a discussion of bandwidth use, the latter is relevant to a discussion of whether Firefly should have been canceled) given that in most cases four people living in the same house are going to be part of the family, and therefore likely to be watching the same television at the same time.

Comment Re:Want to code? (Score 1) 548

If we're so put upon, then why is it that 90+% of the developers I've worked with, spanning some 20 years, are male?

The affirmative action programs you guys complain about are attempts to level the playing field.

Analogy time. Suppose you have some scales. On one side is something covered with a tissue. You can't see what it is, but it's obviously heavy because that side of the scale is touching the floor.

On the other side people keep adding weights, with only slight movements in the scales, the scales are still leaning the original way.

It's obvious in this case that the people adding weights are just trying to balance the scale. But you and the other MRAs ignore the state of the scale and instead focus on the adding of weights, insisting that anyone adding weights to one side must be making it lean the other way, and that is already is, and so on.

Men continue to be heavily represented in IT. In Google, which is sponsoring this event, women have only marginal representation within the company.

And our rights aren't being threatened. We still have what we have. Nobody's picking up the tissue, removing anything, and putting it back. Instead, they're just adding more weights to the other tray.

Comment Re:Chicago Blackhawks too? (Score 1) 646

Well, it is not unarguable that being a white male subjects you to a whole lot of stereotyping, including yours by the way. I know white males who are poor and not exerting their dominance over the rest of humanity, and are remarkably unlucky. There are also areas of the world in which the white male isn't lucky at all. Perahps a non western world-centric update is indicated.

One of the things I hate about Slashdot is that whenever you state a generalization, and make it clear it's a generalization (therefore, it's implied that there'll be a large range of deviation) someone always insists you're talking in absolutes about every single person that qualifies as part of a group.

It'd be nice if you could address the point about in-built advantages, rather than pointing out that there are a few poor white men in the world (woah! You don't say! I had no idea! Next you'll be giving me a list of powerful women, jews, blacks, gays, etc, which will take me by complete surprise because "(white males) - as a group - are (...) in an increadibly lucky position" obviously implies the non-existence of exceptions!)

I said "as a group". I stand by that. And it's not a "them", I am a white male, I've had ups and downs in my life, but I've never had to fight serious, career crippling, prejudice related to my whiteymaleness, or worse. And neither have any of the white male nerds who post here upset that some affirmative action program might encourage girls more than boys, or whatever.

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