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Comment Re:OFFTOPIC: Slashdot Kremlin story just pulled? (Score 2) 192

All American Politicians are leftists. Just a different variety than you think.

They are one of two varieties: Sexual libertines (what passes for the true left in the United States) or fiscal libertines (what passes for the right in the United States).

You can tell the sexual libertines by their rabid defense of the abortion industry and an absolutist right for everybody to the Holy Orgasm.

You can tell the fiscal libertines by their rabid defense of the financial industry and an absolutist right for the rich to control the Holy Grail of Private Property.

But both are liberals, make no mistake.

Comment Re:Imagine that (Score 0) 365

That's cute how you put words in my mouth and then tell me I'm a moron with a persecution complex for saying what I didn't say. I personally think you're an idiot because you admitted you built a shrine to Tim Burton's dirty underpants in your room. If you now deny it, that will just confirm my suspicion. (And if you don't deny it, you will be convicted by your telling silence.)

Since context clues seem to escape you, let me explain (and I'll use small words so you'll be sure to understand, you warthog-faced buffoon) (I don't generally resort to name-calling, but that seems to be the direction of the conversation). I do not believe in the dichotomy of "Global Warming" vs. "Denialism." In fact, "Global Warming" and "Climate Change" don't even mean anything. They're emotionally-charged political buzz words that dumb politicians chant to get their respective brain-dead constituencies stirred up into a partisan fervor. But since you are an admitted True Believer in the Church of Global Warming and believe that the voice of James Hansen speaks to you through Tim Burton's dirty underpants, I don't expect you to understand that.

Comment he's doing his job (Score 1) 240

MS has been on the way down for a long, long time.

If you think Balmer's job is to take it to new heights, I personally think you're stupid. He's not the man for that kind of job, and everyone knows it.

His job is to keep the ship afloat as long as possible, to make the inevitable decline as slow and smooth as possible. And yes, he has been doing quite well on that task. Time and time again we on /., nerds in general and sometimes even the tech press have predicted MS imminent demise, but Balmer has managed to prevent any serious crash & burn.

Comment Re:So happy (Score 1) 365

I also realize that the fucking Sun has much more effect on the climate than we ever will.

You need to brush up your knowledge. You have a great opportunity because the sun is currently entering a rare low activity phase (google "Maunder Minimum").

More importantly: The Sun cycles are an extensively studied subject. We have a very good knowledge about them and their effect on climate. And, guess what, this effect is figured in when scientists talk about climate change.

The earth will have thousands of years where te ice caps are nearing Texas. It has happened many time in the past and will happen may more times with or without us. Most people are fucking retarded when it comes to climate.

Yes, it has happened many times. The earth is a huge ball of rock, it'll survive pretty much no matter what. It won't give a damn if temperatures go up to a couple hundred degrees - see Venus, she's also doing just fine.

Except, of course, that there's almost certainly no life there.

Climate change isn't about protecting the environment. It's about protecting us, you stupid idiot. The only retard in this discussion is you, because you don't understand what the effect of changes in climate really is. Go ask some people who know about global food production, because you can already measure it there. In a few years, you'll be able to measure it in casualties. Human casualties.

Comment Re:Dirty Laundry (Score 1) 266

In small words it says "whether one wishes to know about science or religion, there is a place for teachers."

Religious indoctrination is not teaching. There is a very important difference between science and religion: One is evidence-based, and the other isn't. In one a teacher shows you things you can then do for yourself, and build upon. In the other, you are asked to believe with no evidence or proof. In one, if you can show your teacher was wrong and a different answer is better, you are a hero. In the other... well, fortunately the times where you'd be burnt at the stake are past.

Religion and science could not be further apart. The fact that people talk about them, including teaching and "teaching", is about the only thing they have in common. Don't confuse them because of a random correlation.

I beleive he was taking a more inclusive view about the abstract hierarchy of church leadership and the preisthood in general rather than the very narrow view of the Vatican specifically.

He said "Vatican", not church. He certainly meant the institution and not the plot of land, I'll grant you that. From the way he consistently spoke about the Vatican, not the church, I would not assume he means something he doesn't say. Even within the catholic church, the Vatican is a special case.

Really, If the GP only meant the Vatican specifically then his point would have been specious.

Would it? I'm pretty sure the old men who enjoy the pleasures of having their own tiny state would disagree violently. There have been a few power-struggles within the catholic church regarding the position of the Vatican over the past decade or two. I don't think that would happen if it doesn't matter.

Comment Re:Imagine that (Score 1) 365

That's a bit like saying, we know air planes crash, therefore the recent crash landing in San Francisco is not news.

No, this is more like, "Airplanes crash every single day, all over the place, so there's no reason to report the crash in San Francisco as though it's something special." There's nothing special about this crash except that somebody was able to make a tenuous link between "Google" and "Global Warming denier." If you're bothered by political cronyism, then work to do something about political cronyism. Pretending like it's newsworthy that Google contributes to politicians isn't doing something.

Comment Re:Casting stones (Score 1) 266

There's a difference between being a common man with common sense and being someone who claims he holds the keys to heaven, knows right and wrong and is entitled to teach everyone else.

I'm surprised that needs to be explained.

Comment Re:Imagine that (Score 3, Insightful) 365

Seriously, how is this news? A large company is schmoozing politicians. It's fine to think it's evil and corrupt and whatever. But news is generally something that you didn't already know. And the title is just trolling for True Believers who think that "Global Warming" is a single monolithic issue, with exactly one meaning and with exactly two sides ("Evangelist" and "Denier"), with no nuance or discussion possible. (As evidence, watch the flood of comments that will follow labeling me a "denier" because I used the words "nuance" and "discussion" in connection with Global Warming.)

Comment Re:Dirty Laundry (Score 1) 266

"surely men of the cloth would be much more noble, moral and ethical than the norm."
Because why?

Because those who claim to be the masters of moral need to demonstrate so through their own actions, or else all their claims about knowing right from wrong are in doubt.

If you truly believe in science why do you need universities? What possible benefit could there be to gained from people who dedicate their lives to research and teaching? Surely one does not need teachers. Full knowledge springs into the minds of those who want it. Or not.

What is this? It is neither an argument, nor even coherent. Meaningless rambling does not make a point, you know?

The necessity of the Vatican is a valid question, given that it didn't exist before 1929 and that there were times in history when Rome wasn't the (or not the only) seat of the pope.

The church, like the university may not be perfect, but its not as entirely ridiculous as you imply.

The church is not identical to the Vatican. You are not addressing the GPs point but a similar one you invented yourself.

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