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Comment Re:BILLY MAYS HERE... (Score 1) 523

[shitload of citations needed]

Anyways, stealing is not necessarily defined by depriving one person of an experience or possession, it's defined by obtaining said item without giving the original author or owner the compensation requested for your copy. Sure, if you pirate a movie no one is going to be denied the ability to rightfully buy that movie, but the studio who released the film will have a miniscule amount of nearly untraceable shrink in their revenue stream. It's hardly worthy of a trial IMO, but yes it is stealing, even if its no more detrimental than swiping a magnet from a souvenir shop.

Comment Re:Linking is legal (Score 2, Insightful) 406

Even if TPB isn't hosting the actual files themselves, they are still providing direct access to the files, essentially assisting many in alleged illegal activity. The fact is in many cases the files are there but one can only get to them THROUGH TPB. It's criminal assistance and questionable motive. That's what gets these guys in trouble.

Comment Re:I have an idea to avoid this kind of fiasco (Score 1) 254

Except that when you joined the Apple Developer Program in the first place you agreed to the blatant censorship and approval process in full. Do you honestly think a behemoth company like Apple could really be tricked that easily?? Even people with real legitimate reasons to sue have no chance!

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