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Comment Re: First strike (Score 1) 418

Cricket 'strikes' is a terrible analogy to use in this case. Cricket differs from Baseball in that you can face many, many balls before you are out.

You are only out if one of these things happens:

1. The bowler ('pitcher' in BB) hits the stumps behind the batsman, this is called being 'bowled out'
2. The ball is caught directly from the batsman's strike ('caught out')
3. The fielders manage to hit the stumps with the ball before the batsman has finished his run ('run out')
4. The batsman blocks a ball that would have hit the stumps with his body instead of his bat (this is called LBW, Leg Before Wicket)

These are the most common ways to be out, there are other ways to be out, but to get back on topic: to compare the six strikes system to Cricket would seem to suggest that you are not 'out' until they have proved your guilt.

Comment Re:slashdot, come on and speed up (Score 1) 230

I submitted the story after seeing it on the BBC and was surprised to see it wasn't already listed here.

Approx. 2 hours after submitting the story it was accepted.

I guess the lesson here is don't crowd-source if expediency is of the essence. In this case I can't see a few hours making a difference, it's not exactly a 'developing story'.

Comment Re:why are people driven to eat too much? (Score 1) 483

Citation Needed...

Not because what you're saying is necessarily untrue but because I want more details, such as what sort of weight gain do each of these effects cause? I mean if we're talking about a study where they managed to measure an average of 0.5% increase in weight gain over 2000 people than it doesn't really explain how people are getting to 500lbs.

Comment Re:Grammar Nazi Attack (Score -1, Offtopic) 121

Here are some examples from the last 24hrs:

So was driven into bankruptcy, and the "buy a CD, get an MP3" concept fell by the wayside.

He is best known for co-authoring the widely-used RSS 1.0 specification when he was 14, and as one of the early co-owners of Reddit.

After news broke on Thursday that a new Java 0-day vulnerability had been discovered, and was already being included in multiple popular exploit kits, two new important tidbits have come in on Friday.

Meanwhile, writes reader Beeftopia, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is getting in on the action, and "has warned users to disable or uninstall Java software on their computers, amid continuing fears and an escalation in warnings from security experts that hundreds of millions of business and consumer users are vulnerable to a serious flaw."

Hopper debuted at number five in the list of Top500 supercomputers, and can crunch numbers at the petaflop level.

But there is a market for Lamborghinis, and there is a market for computer cases that cost as much as a complete low-end computer.

Also this one:

When Android was first introduced, it got much of its buzz in the open source community, and despite it being a mobile juggernaut backed by huge companies, it remains an open source project that anyone can submit code to.

You could argue this is a series of three except that every single comma in that sentence is unnecessary

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