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Submission + - Is it time to knock infected PCs off the internet? ( 1

nk497 writes: "Malware could block your access to the internet – but in some cases by those on the right side of the security fence, who are deploying tactics such as blocked ports, letters in the mail and PCs quarantined from the net to combat the most damaging threats. The DNS Changer clean up saw some PCs prevented from accessing the web. Should such tactics be used more often to prevent malware from spreading — or is that taking security a step too far?"

Comment Re:Your definition of movie may vary... (Score 1) 207

I don't understand why the makers don't simply submit the film to a festival!?

Contrary to popular belief, you can't just submit a film to a festival and have it shown. They're very picky (who knew?), and you'd have to submit to something like 10 festivals just to be accepted by one - if you're very lucky. Some friends recently had this exact scenario happen (submit to eight, rejected by six, accepted by one, still waiting to hear back from one).

Comment Maybe it'll be a good thing... (Score 1) 410

Perhaps this could signal the death knell for the **AAs, the music and movie industries as we know them. I'd love to see people just refusing to buy their crap, not downloading their lousy movies and turning their backs on the whole situation. Only buy CC music, only download and use FOS software and only watch independent (true independent) movies.

You may say I'm a dreamer... but I'm not the only one.

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