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Comment Re:Combined with Phyto-Estrogens from Soy Formula (Score 3, Funny) 251

This could grow tits on a frog.

Hmmm .... so, do you mean that like growing a human ear on a mouse so you have an actual breast growing out of the back or a frog? Or do you mean a whole new market of cosmetic breast augmentation for frogs?

I'm just asking. Either way, I'm sure it would fast become a popular kind of porn for some people. ;-)


Rule 34 strikes again...


Submission + - Comcast broadcasts porn during Super Bowl

No Grand Plan writes: Apparently Comcast in Tucson, AZ, accidentally let some porn slip into their Super Bowl broadcast (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/7864733.stm). Is this a ploy by Comcast to gain subscribers?

Comment Re:And the previous owner was? (Score 2) 184

The files on it probably weren't classified or particularly sensitive

I'd say names coupled with locations and mission briefings were pretty sensitive, wouldn't you? I don't expect there were any missile launch codes on the player, but still - these pieces of information could have been used for the wrong purpose and could potentially have done harm.

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