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Comment Re:Does that mean (Score 1) 50

Sorry, I was thinking that other readers would try thinking just a little harder. So to reframe so anonymous posters can understand it more clearly: Was, before this investigation, an investigation underway, thereby making the investigation not new to Google, but in fact, an investigation already underway?

Comment Re:Did they break any laws? (Score 1) 716

I'm not sure - what is the payback? If you have a quantifiable amount that would be helpful. Is it 2% of all corporate tax collected in the US? Is it more than $5B a year?

Or, since they exceeded on all those counts, is it more because you think they should be punished? Again, make it quantifiable.

Submission + - Patent Judges Debate: Do Computers Become 'New Machines' When Loading Software? (

ectoman writes: A third party steps into a financial transaction to make sure all parties exchange funds at the same time and as expected. Can you patent this process? What if the third party is a computer? Rob Tiller, vice president and general counsel for Red Hat, details a recent court ruling on this very matter—one that has critical implications for the future of software patents, and one that divided the judges involved. Tiller writes that:

The judges mostly agreed that the idea of managing settlement risk with a third party was abstract such that by itself it could not be patented. They differed, though, on whether using a general purpose computer for managing settlement risk meant that the patents avoided invalidity based on abstraction.

Interestingly, some judges suggested that a computer becomes a "new machine" every time it loads different software. has Tiller's complete analysis.

Comment Re:I'm not a patent lawyer, but I can tell you thi (Score 4, Interesting) 342

I for one completely understand the rage. I think I was assigned this examiner - some of the things done must have been very similar to what he describes. It enraged my otherwise calm, quiet reserved patent attorney to the point he had to wait a week before responding or it would have been in much the same way. This poor bastard just didn't wait the week.

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