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Comment How far? (Score 0) 245

I read TFA and thought cool! I wonder how many light years that is. Imagine my disappointment when Google told me it was 0.0018286505 light years. Boy space is big, I thought it was a long way down the road to the chemist's, but that's nothing..... etc.

Comment Get a virus over the phone (Score 1) 272

Here (in New Zealand), we've been getting a rash of phone callers telling people they're infected and asking for money. In fact me wife got just such a call last week. Fortunately she knows just enough to tell the caller to fsk off. I don't know if that's common in other places. We might just be a gullible bunch.

Comment Re:Er... yeah... and ? (Score 1) 146

That's not quite right. I was a Photolithographer all through the 80's (and most of the 90's too), and as a "Colour Stripper" (cue jokes now), I took the seperated film from the scanner and did the actual retouching on a light bench with a paint brush and a retouching paste, (can't even remember what it was called now). It took a long time, as required a fair bit of skill, which is why we were paid quite well to do it. When Macs became fast enough, and Photoshop mature enough to do the job, we did it using those tools. Takes a lot less skill frankly, its just a matter of knowing what works and doing that again and again.

Comment Error (Score 1, Offtopic) 229

There's a huge error in the article of course. I'm sure all Slashdot users will have picked it up, but I'll spell it out for the slower ones among you. Mr Butler is quoted as saying"It is nobody's business telling you what software you can or cannot run on your own computer." This is quite wrong. Its Steve Jobs' business what you run on your computer. Right, carry on.

Comment Re:Bah! (Score 2, Informative) 261

I worked with an Iraqi and an Iranian recently. They had both fought in the Iran/Iraq war, and thought they might have even been on opposite sides of the same battle at one stage. They got on very well as colleges, and when I asked one of them about the war he had fought in, he laughed and said that no-one he knew was under any illusions about it. They did their level best not to get killed, and went out of their way not to kill anyone on the other side as well, if they could help it. He was on the Iranian side, and the only person in his unit who wanted to be at war was the unit's mullah, who they all hated and despised. Sounded like the strangest war ever the way he described it.

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