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Comment Total BullSh*t (Score 1) 835

Stupid article makes stupid claims like "Wilderness is not renewable once roads and power-line corridors fragment it." Which is stupid. Don't trees grow back? All the bush I've seen with power lines through are regenerating nicely. Stupid article.

Comment Re:not too surprising (Score 1) 933

You're probably right about revolutions not usually turning out too well, but I can see a day when there will be popular support for some sort of revolt, or anyway, a big enough minority willing to shoot people to advance their goals. From outside the US it does seem like the ordinary person has no one in power to represent them. I wonder how many predicted the US Civil war in 1825?

Comment Re:Can we please... (Score 1) 227

As someone who lives outside the US and has no dog in this fight (as it were), I'm really hoping she stands for the Republican nomination, purely for the entertainment factor. Every time I see her on TV and hear the latest buffoonery that spills from her mouth, I laugh and laugh and laugh. Still its not my government she potentially could be heading, so I guess I can afford to laugh. Although now I think about it, she will be in charge of a big bunch of nukes, so maybe I ought to worry more. On the other hand she can't see New Zealand from her house so we should be safe.

Comment National Party token Asian (Score 5, Informative) 220

Melissa Lee is just the National Party's token Asian, and after a by election shambles has probably risen about as far in the party as she is ever going to. She is not very smart, and every time she opens her mouth in public she proves it again. She is however quite nice looking, and probably brings a bunch of Asian votes.

Comment Re:No. (Score 1) 1486

Jesus may not be the best example to use in this case, as the only evidence we have for his existence are the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, and they don't even agree on the details. Pontius Pilate (not Pillate) and Caesar (not Ceaser) did exist, but we have independent evidence for them.

Comment Re:You don't have to bring your cell phone to scho (Score 1) 283

That's right. At my kids' school all phones are handed over at the start of day, and held by the teacher until the end of the school day. Everyone gets their phone back, I can txt my boys and they'll get the txt after school without interrupting class. The system works pretty well from what I can see.

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