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Comment Re:270 mile range seems good (Score 1) 525

That's how I do it.

I lease a car, and I get a pretty good deal on it, but I do try to avoid running up the mileage. So for long trips, I'll look for a train or bus if I can, and if I can't, I just rent a car.

I still regularly use Zipcar as well whenever I need a pickup truck.

An electric car is not going to cover 100% of cases, because even my gasoline car can't cover 100% of cases. It's a slight adjustment, but it's not necessarily one that is worse, just different.

Comment Re:Just oppose the mark.. and Python was First (Score 5, Insightful) 122

Ignoring unjust laws and lawsuits based upon them is good.

NO NO NO NO. No one in the US should ever follow this advice because it will very likely destroy you and whatever cause you seek to promote.

You don't do civil disobedience by ignoring lawsuits because the judge is going to consider a lack of rebuttal on your part as an acceptance of the claims made by the plaintiff. In essence, by ignoring the lawsuit (assuming it was properly served) you are saying "Yeah, just accept whatever that guy says, and make it fact from the perspective of the law"

The concept of civil disobedience against an unjust law is that when you ignore the law, you sure as hell DO SHOW UP IN COURT and explain exactly why you did not follow that law. Appearing before a judge is the EXACT THING YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO DO because that is your first best chance to get someone to literally judge your case. The judge could very well say "Yes, that law is unjust and you are free to go." Or he might not, but the point is you must accept the penalty for your actions and work your way though the judicial system.

Ignoring a lawsuit is the worst possible legal advice I have ever seen on the internet. Perhaps the only thing you could have given which was worse advice is to ignore the lawsuit, and then threaten the judge and the judge's family... Very bad advice.

I'll say it again, never never never never ignore a lawsuit. If someone files a lawsuit against you, go get a lawyer, and be prepared to present your case to a judge.

Comment Re:What happened at 400 miles? (Score 1) 841

It's an interesting 'flaw' in electric cars to be sure. Typically in an ICE the heater is just a fan which diverts engine heat into the cabin. That's why the general advice for an overheating engine is to turn ON the heater since that will help divert heat away from the engine.

I'm guessing that in an electric vehicle, since heat is pure waste, every effort to minimize heat has been taken and the motor doesn't get hot enough to function as a heating element so you can't perform the same trick as an ICE.

Obviously I have 'flaw' in quotes because the flaw is due to the fact that the motor being more efficient is the 'flaw' that prevents this trick.

Comment Re:Valuing Companies Over Constituents (Score 1) 72

The votes are likely just not there in quantities great enough to matter.

If you had $100 to spend on an issue, and $100 spent on issue A would net you 50 votes, while $100 spent on issue B would net you 150 votes, until diminishing returns on investment bring dollars invested in Issue B to Issue A rates of return, why would you ever spend money on Issue A if your needs were being satisfied?

Copyright is a complex topic, it doesn't lend itself to polarizing positions (nor should it, if we are to actually get a working system), so constructing a profitable(votewise) strategy around this topic is very hard, if not impractical given the situation.

Comment Re:Too much valuable intel (Score 2) 111

Basically this: The ion cannon prevented the ability for the blockade to be in a position to directly target the weak spot in the shield, and just far enough away to give a fast transport enough time to zip through.

People who get upset at that have never watched a football game where an offensive lineman opens a hole just long enough for a runner to slip past the defenders. It's not much of a hole, but it's enough if you are quick.

Comment Re:Small flaw (Score 1) 111

If you have virtually unlimited energy, and the capability to fire that energy in a highly concentrated 'blast' then targeting computers take care of the rest. De-orbiting large objects doesn't allow for much maneuvering.

You didn't see the cannons designed to defend against physical bombardment because physical bombardment wasn't used and therefore wasn't shown in the film.

"Sir, what about physical bombardment?"
"Idiot, didn't you read the situation report? The probe identified that the base is equipped with Quathi-arms H-74s. Get the hell out of here, read the report and stop wasting my time"

This of course, doesn't even get into the issue that de-orbiting objects takes a hell of a lot of time. If the rebels had the capability to flee the surface within hours of the Imperials arriving, they certainly would have had the time to flee any physical bombardment of mass with sizes large enough to pose a risk.

Comment Re:What happens when the machine dies? (Score 1) 464

I own some versions of office, and I agree with you. With the regularity that I switch between 'machines' my software has to switch too.

I'm not running my home like a business environment, so I'll regularly swap out a box as I try to find the right balance of hardware between repairs/upgrades/etc.

Sometimes my main PC is a 2ghz optiplex with 1gb of memory because my other main PC's video card blew a capacitor and I don't feel like replacing it this quarter. Once I decided that the gaming PC worked better in the living room rather than the office, so I swapped the machines...

The point is, the hardware associated with any specific computer point of use is very fluid to me. It varies month to month, and having software that decides I changed too much, or it will only live on one machine for eternity is just not going to fly with me unless the price for that software falls to discretionary latte levels.

Comment Re:meanwhile... (Score 1) 207

The question is, HOW does someone go about doing that without their wife/parents getting annoyed when their school/office website chokes due to a blocked script. My general course of action is to install noscript and adblock, but the fine tuning involved makes the whole thing a hassle.

For me, it's not hard to slowly add/deny portions of sites since I'm marginally familiar with how the web works, but I'm at a loss as to how to make it transparent for the SO.

Comment Re:Same-screen multiplayer (Score 2) 245

Right... and online multiplayer, you know, the feature blocked when you don't subscribe to Live Gold? You are going to need one hell of a long cord and a decent telescope.

(I really think you are stretching by suggesting that what I meant by multiplayer was split screen play. When the discussion is about Live, it is obvious that the point is about discussing online multiplayer and not split-screen play.)

Comment Re:Cameras (Score 1) 70

Do I have to buckle up the box of books that triggered 'A person must be in this seat', so you have to buckle up sensor.

Only, that sensor doesn't activate until you are already driving, so you will be on the road, and a loud pinging will start, and you will wonder just what the hell went wrong with your car, glancing at your dash to see what light came on. DId you leave the emergency brake on? Crap, maybe it's the engine.

In the meantime, what you aren't doing is giving your full attention to the road. Eventually you might figure out that the beeping is because the 'boxperson' sitting next to you isn't buckled in. So you have to pull over and connect the buckle to stop the damned distracting noise.

Look, no person in my car rides without a seatbelt, and it is damned annoying to have that sensor trip whenever I don't happen to notice that whatever I put in the seat exceeded some threshold.

Comment Re:Primary Problem? (Score 5, Insightful) 245

Live Gold is required for doing almost ANYTHING on the xbox. It's the number one reason I don't buy xbox games anymore.

Right now, everything is so tightly coupled with Live Gold that not using gold results in a very aggravating experience. Your statement 'mainly Netflix et al' vastly understates that almost any feature that is not a single player game or dvd requires a Live Gold account. Youtube, HBOgo, Netflix, Pandora...

The way you learn about gold is annoying as well. I'll be looking around the marketplace, find a service that I ALREADY PAY FOR, install it, and then later be told that 'Oh, this feature won't work without gold'

That doesn't even get into the fact that there are many games where you basically gut the game if you remove multiplayer. As a result the entire experience is one of disappointment as I'm continually faced with 'Oh, I guess that would be nice, or gee I wish I could play this with my friend'.

I'm not going to reward a company for rent-seeking to provide me services that 1. I already pay for, 2. I'm paying for the internet to transport the data.

The Live Gold 'feature' is the number one reason I regret purchasing an Xbox and only use it to play single player games I pickup at the flea market.

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