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Comment Re:New GUI (Score 1) 241

Yes, this was something that made me ponder as well. They make a big deal about personalizing your installation of office 2013 and the only thing that any of the options does is add some sort of squiggle in the upper right of the window bar. I found it perplexing and almost why bother.

Comment Re:In the end... (Score 1) 241

A lot of business will not be able to use 2013 in the first place. If they are like us and 90% of our user base is still using windows xp office 2010 is the highest we can go. 2013 will only install on systems that are windows 7 or above which rules quite a few people out. We are a small shop with 17 servers and 162 workstations in house and it just isn't economical to upgrade everything. Especially with only 2 it personnel, me being one of them, and a very small budget. Currently we replace computers at one a month which would bring all of our systems to windows 7 or above within about 8 years. Hmm, think I need to go kickstart that old kaypro 2...

Comment Re:Where does extra energy go? (Score 1) 162

This would be interesting in the realm of communications though. If you were to isolate say 2-16 "bits" and have the equipment compact enough to read the state of these particles in a carryable device you would be looking at near real time communications no matter the distance. 2 bits you are looking at classic morse code one for a * and one for a -. 16 would be basic machine language. This would be great for spacecraft.

Comment Argh (Score 1) 201

One of my biggest frustrations, on a security standpoint, are companies designing software around a specific java version. Are they using wholes in the JDK themselves to get their programs to work? An example of this is adp's time and attendance web server. The previous version we just upgraded from was locked in to java version 5.0x. The current version won't work above java 6.30. So that is about 120 desktops locked at that version at my site. Good thing barracuda blocks almost everything.

Comment Re:Marketing blurb (Score 1) 241

Currently in Suse 10.1 there are 2 different update paths. Yast2, and an autoupdate feature new to suse not unlike windows update. This new update feature appears to have its own rights management and security profiles. On initial install of suse 10.1, the new kernel updates as well as some driver related material were no longer displaying on yast. These updates were only viewable thru the new update service. If I had to take a guess at how these new drivers would be distributed, I would say that this new update service would be the delivery agent. I have seen an increase of vender supplied linux drivers over the past 5 years or so. Just a year ago, the drivers supplied thru ati were a joke, They have improved by leaps and bounds, tho, a little more integration with sax2 and not having to manualy script installation suffixs on the aticonfig would be nice. Nvidia's support has been fairly consistent, as well as support from linksys and a number of other component manufacturers. Even my latest drivers disk that i received from gigabyte for my dual core, nvidia sli mainboard came with linux drivers. Short of microsoft making directX open source the biggest thing I see helping the linux community Would be added support for the wineX / Cedega developers. I don't know how many people I have talked to that would be using Linux specifically if it weren't for the fact that they can't play most of their games on it. The big one I play right now is everquest 2, due to the fact that it depends heavily on the 9c api's, I don't see it being supported all that well. It IS sort of a vicious circle. Software manufacturers won't really support *nix unless there is a major user base that will use their software, and there won't be a major userbase, unless there is support from the software market.

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