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Comment Re:Just use a damn tape measure! (Score 1) 154

I tried out the app just now, at the range of 22 inch (width of my monitor)

I'm 99.6% sure you got it right, considering this is slashdot and all, but you're sure your monitor is 22" wide, aren't you?

(Just checking in case you're thinking you have a 22" monitor, so it must be 22" wide. Unlikely all things considered, but I still have to ask.) :)

Comment Re:Bargain (Score 1) 735

I used to get $77k, which my boss increased from $64k just a couple of months before, because he was very pleased with my work (Excel VBA). Our competitor approached me and offered me $128k. I didn't know whether to tell my boss, but I did, because when in doubt I always pick honesty, and he said: "So what did you tell them?", so I said I told them I'd think about it. He said: "I would too, that's a lot of money!" He asked me what it would take for me to stay and I said: "I don't know, at least $100k?" He said I could have the $100k if I agreed to adding to my contract that we both have three months more notice (I had one before, they had four) and I agreed. That way he knew that if I decided to leave, they still had me for four months while they found a replacement and I trained him. If they decide to fire me, I get full pay for seven months. It's been a bit more than year now and I'm still with the company and very happy with how everything turned out. :)

Comment Re:Already did this study a long time ago (Score 1) 185

They hope someone else will think for them on set concept. This goes not just for computers, but also for the medical field, food industry, or anything else where it is "too complected" for set people to really give a care.

You should watch this if you haven't already, which basically says you're right. :)

Comment Re:How will drop tables be affected? (Score 1) 384

So I'm assuming that such drops will be controlled by a weekly budget. If not regulated in such a manner it's just a matter of time until the economy comes crashing down.

Two things:

1. Yes, it's just a matter of time before everyone will get the best weapon in the game on the same day. However, it's extremely unlikely that will happen in the next billions of years.
2. Even if it happens, it won't matter much to Blizzard as they have never promised they will buy your items for a certain prices. You will just put your awesome sword in the auction house and no one will buy it and Blizzard will add a better sword that is unlikely to drop for everyone else at the same time in the next billions of years.

Comment Re:Perception and Testing Procedures (Score 1) 277

Also, is it really fair to test two codecs by listening to one and then immediately listening to the other? Even if you can tell a difference, that doesn't mean that you're get a better listening experience. I think these tests should be done by a person listening to one codec and rating it on a scale. Then the person should take a break, wait a few hours, listen to another codec and rate that on the same scale. Then we'll see if the listening experience has really gotten better or worse, not whether the person can just tell the two codecs apart while listening to one and then immediately the other, which you would never do when just listening to music.

Comment Re:US taxes are designed to punish the responsible (Score 1) 642

What I like to ask the wealthy whiners is; if you're getting treated so unfairly while these freeloading, poor, sub-human, cradle-to-grave ghetto-dwellers are living the high-life off of your tax dollars, you should be happy to trade places, right? Right?

Now let's say I started out with had nothing. I then worked really, really hard for many years and now I have a lot and no longer have to work. Now the government says I have to give half my fortune to, say, some guy who doesn't like working. Am I not allowed to be unhappy about that without wanting to switch places with him?

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