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Comment Re:One word: Lawsuits (Score 1) 253

i also do not see the light controlling the intersection for the red car.
it's off-screen on the left the entire time.
from the video alone it might be red or green.

but perhaps with special knowledge of the intersection's patterns, the light's color could be deduced.
for example, perhaps the green lights for the left-to-right moving traffic implies that the red car's turn lane had a red.

Comment mental illness or gender ? (Score 1) 1168

i see a lot of posts on good old slashdot here saying that "the real issue is clearly mental illness" (to quote one of many).

so but,
according to Mother Jones,
of the counted 62 U.S. Mass Murders in the past 20 years,
38 of the 62 (61%) showed signs of mental illness,
while 61 of the 62 (98%) were .. male.

which correlation do you think more strongly deserves attention.

Comment some was taught but future coders were self-taught (Score 1) 632

i was born in 1972, schooled in southern california.
grew up with IBM punchcards all over the house.
in 6th grade we had an apple ][ in the classroom,
but as i recall only as a treat: if you finished work early you could play Prince of Persia.
but even then a very small group of us would hang out in the library after school or at lunch
and teach ourselves basic. there was no concept of teaching us how to program in school.

by the time i reached 12th grade, there was a 'computer literacy' class offered,
i think they taught programming on TRS-80s, but even my friends who were in it
were way beyond what was covered in the class.
by then i was aspiring to be part of the amiga demo scene,
so i did an independent study to teach myself 680x0 assembly.
my teacher did a great job - he knew he had no way to really grade my progress,
so he helped me evaluate it myself. mad props for that.

i'm now a programmer, and pretty much all the core programmers i know
have a similar story - computers were around in high-school,
but really they taught themselves.

it's funny now - i look around facebook and see all these people i know
who had less than zero interest in computers when i knew them in their youth,
and are now product managers or otherwise have 'software' in their title.
i wonder if that sucks for them.

Comment Good Thing ? (Score 1) 259

IANAG, and i'm no fan of fracking for many reasons,
but inducing small earthquakes seems like a good thing to me.
faults build up pressure, and one way or another that pressure is going to release.
it seems better if it releases in smaller, more frequent events than less frequent but large ones.

Submission + - Law Allowing Indefinite Military Detention of Citizens Ruled Unconstitutional (

cathector writes: The offending section of the NDAA, signed by Obama on New Year's Eve last year, grants the government the power to put citizens in military detention indefinitely and without the usual recourse to civil courts. ...
Judge Katherine Forrest, a recent Obama appointee to the federal bench, ... granted a preliminary injunction of the offending sections of the law.

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