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Comment Re:Hard Balls? (Score 1) 319

That was my first thought.

My second thought was "Time to buy me some stocks in Nerf... their value is about to skyrocket"

Course... they tend to be form-molded, which has edges that can be kinda scratchy sorta. Perhaps I should go back a step and get stocks in sponge manufacturers instead.

Or both... can't hurt *ducks*

Comment You get to do what everyone else gets to do (Score 1) 298

And if so, what recourse if any is available for artists who are caught in this situation?"

You roll over and take it, and cross your fingers that somewhere down the line these groups attack someone by accident with the resources to fight back. It doesn't matter what's right and wrong. What matters is who has the most disposable money.

Comment Re:Except that... (Score 1) 434

Oh god, don't go there. When I was tech support for the government, I can't count the number of times someone would say they've had email sitting in the 'deleted items' folder for months, if not years.

Then they call us when the system is upgraded or reset or something, and Outlook is once again set to automatically delete everything in their deleted items.

Why in the WORLD would you think that 'deleted items' is a good place to save important emails?!? Honestly?!?

Comment Re:Education (Score 1) 406

This. The whole 'impossible to fail' thing is the worst thing to ever happen to education around here.

A fail frickin' encouraged me to try harder in the classes I sucked at! Course, my parents actually helped as much as they could, and encouraged me and whatnot... so as per usual a lot of it comes down to parenting too.

But otherwise... there was a number of students in my grade that generally didn't care what their test score was, or if they failed something. A few were held back, a few dropped out, etc.

Hell, those guys would have LOVED the no-fail thing. That way their parents can say their kid passed, they go into the workforce with an unearned diploma, and they didn't show up for more than 3 classes.

I just had a terrible thought. Maybe that's deliberate. Maybe that's why companies nowadays are pretty much requiring university or college degrees to hire anyone. Because the diploma is worth less than toilet paper with this 'no child left behind' system, they can't rely on a high school diploma indicating someone is capable of learning, doing math, fractions, etc, etc. Those 12 years are entirely meaning less to a company looking for someone "good", so they have to kick it up a notch to university level to filter out the useless wastes of money that will do nothing but steal from the company. So for that, kids are forced into debt further and further, because everyone and their dog has to go to college after high school.

I hope to hell I'm just being paranoid.

Comment Re:Or... (Score 1) 406

I'm debating whether they'd actually reward *everyone*. If only the top 5% are given awards, then I guess your 95% average just isn't good enough.

I think that if every single student is getting 95% average, they'll extremely quickly start looking at why it's so friggin' easy.

Comment Re:Those that don't do well should be embarassed (Score 1) 406

That's exactly what I was figuring.

You have a handful of kids that are in the "smart" line. Generally speaking, all of the jocks, assholes, bullies, and whatnot will be in the "dumb" line.

Who do you think they're all going to pick on? Those smart kids better damn well hope they're built like brick shithouses, or got some serious connections to keep themselves from getting the shit beaten out of them daily.

Comment Re:Those that don't do well should be embarassed (Score 1) 406

There's also the problem that in schools nowadays, you have a metric ton of students per classroom. They'd have to be given these points based on measurable things, otherwise I can't imagine a teacher being able to monitor and distribute points fairly when there's a hundred kids or whatever in desks in front of them.

I like the idea of handing in early, or perhaps 90 on a test or assignment or something.

Course, it'd also have to be easy for the teacher to put points on (since even teachers can be useless and lazy, and a lazy one just won't bother giving out points), but basically impossible for the "really" smart kids to find a way to put thousands of dollars onto their account.

Comment Re:EXCELLENT news (Score 1) 1239

I can't find a source to cite it, but I've seen repeatedly posted on slashdot to refute this that the USA is already one of the largest producer of products on earth.

What the USA needs to do is stop friggin' spending. And tax a little bit! Taxes aren't evil... they kinda tend to solve problems like this.

Comment Re:Doesn't look good (Score 1) 514

Which is completely irrelevant, because every mower I've ever used or known has the capability of being turned off. Push mowers you could turn off and push to wherever. Riding mowers, I don't know of a single riding mower that does not allow you to turn off the blades while still keep travelling. I also don't know of a single person who just parks their mower in the exact spot they finished mowing the lawn.

Long story short, turn off the blades, move mower to wherever you want to store it.

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