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Comment Re:EXCELLENT news (Score 1) 1239

I can't find a source to cite it, but I've seen repeatedly posted on slashdot to refute this that the USA is already one of the largest producer of products on earth.

What the USA needs to do is stop friggin' spending. And tax a little bit! Taxes aren't evil... they kinda tend to solve problems like this.

Comment Re:Doesn't look good (Score 1) 514

Which is completely irrelevant, because every mower I've ever used or known has the capability of being turned off. Push mowers you could turn off and push to wherever. Riding mowers, I don't know of a single riding mower that does not allow you to turn off the blades while still keep travelling. I also don't know of a single person who just parks their mower in the exact spot they finished mowing the lawn.

Long story short, turn off the blades, move mower to wherever you want to store it.

Comment Re:Crooks chasing crooks... (Score 1) 983

Have every single cop wear a device that records what they do (headcam type thing, something like that) which also records sound, and have that uploaded to a remote server. If this recording is EVER turned off or blocked, anything anyone says against the police will be take with more weight than what the police say themselves.

This in itself invites problems, of someone trying to cover up said camera so that the cop's word doesn't count. Thus, the voice recorder should be separate, perhaps have one 'obvious' camera and one non-obvious one on the cop, and in general that means it's just one of the dangers of the job if the cop decides to stand still when someone's about to throw a bucket of paint on him while playing 'Thunderstruck' at 140 decibels to drown out the recorder.

But in general... have something on the cops to record what THEY do, and make it illegal for THAT to ever be tampered with. And make it publicly available instantly online, since y'know... we pay their bills and they're doing a public service so therefore everything they do should be visible by us.

Comment Re:Bad cop, no donut (Score 1) 983

I just came up with an interesting theory. It would be reasonably easy to 'hide' the microSD card in my phone with a bit of putty or JBWeld to make the edge of the card where it shows look like just more plastic, and have a fake card holder with a random microSD card in it just glued on somewhere significantly more visible just behind the battery or something. HOPEFULLY the cops would just take the 'obvious' microSD card, and leave the hidden one. I'd say there's at least a vaguely decent chance the real card would survive if the phone was stomped.

The only problem is that pretty much any cellphone nowadays doesn't have the 'spare' room to hide an extra microSD card.

Comment Re:Harvard Business School Case Study (Score 0) 254

"Nokia and Sony: Companies that fucked themselves and pissed off their customers, but still don't even notice the slightest inkling of a drop in sales, because 99.9998% of their customers are consumer whores and could care less about details such as this, as long as they get their next version of Madden or Call of Duty."


Comment Re:One amusing aspect. (Score 1) 254

He did something that had no purpose other than enabling piracy / cheating
Yeah, damn people for wanting a program to allow backwards compatibility, or for wanting to do things with their hardware. CLEARLY the only possible uses for a jailbroken system is for playing unpaid-for merchandise.

After all, all jailbroken smartphones have only one single purpose in their existence. To obtain and use as much illegal software as is physically possible.

Comment Re:Can't make a call from inside (Score 1) 337

Now y'see, this confuses me. I must obviously be mistaken in my understanding, but my Garmin GPS recevier (GPSMap 60Cx) can ridiculously easily get a signal from inside of a car. Inside the apartment, actually initially getting a signal can be a bit rough... pointing it in the general direction of a window and giving it an extra minute tends to solve that though. Once it's GOT a signal, I've seen it somehow still manage to hold onto that signal in a room without windows whatsoever... no clue how the hell THAT works.

So yeah... why would my Garmin be able to do such things while a satellite phone can't even get through the glass-windows-on-all-sides of a car?

Comment Re:Stupid (Score 1) 1695

Meh, personally I don't think the church will burn anything, probably never would have with or without the criticism from like... everywhere. I think they're more leaning towards the "any publicity is good publicity", and on the last day or so before the burning will be all like "oh, we've see the error in our ways" or "I saw a vision and it told me to be tolerant of everything"... but with more verbal jabs at islam.

I'd relate a church burning a Quran to the release of Duke Nukem... but since that's actually theoretically going to happen now, I'll have to go to the standby of "when pigs fly".

Comment Enough with the Apple stories for a bit (Score 4, Insightful) 252

Could we PLEASE try to go even a single day without some apple-based story? My god, there's more to the world of science and technology than a single company!

Canada attempting to pass a bill to put filesharing along the same lines as in the USA?
Info on the oil leak?
Hewlett-Packard cutting 9000 jobs?

To hell with all of that, someone somewhere posted something about Apple!

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