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Submission + - DRM for Cats

amb5l writes: My new home has a small, natural pond in the back garden, which is home to numerous fish, Great Crested Newts and a small waterfowl community (mainly Moor Hens). Unfortunately, my cat has a well developed hunting instinct, and when I move there is going to be a massacre unless I come up with something to deter the cat from visiting the wildlife around the pond. An early grave for the moggy is not an acceptable option (my daughter will defend her to the death), neither is a 30ft wall. Do Slashdotters have any useful suggestions? I need something subtle and effective to enable the wildlife and the cat to coexist without bloodshed. While I'm at it, where do you guys stand on the cats vs dogs issue?

Comment Re:Govt work anyone? (Score 1) 327

Nick Baker studied at Imperial College in London between 1986 and 1990. I know this because I studied with him - he was my lab partner for much of the time, and a good friend. Nick is one of those people who is so good at so many things that it's ridiculous. I consider myself pretty good at hardware design, but... etc etc. Trust me, the problems with the other projects he has been involved with will have been in areas of business and strategy that he was not involved in. Anytime anyone has ever asked this man to produce a chunk of hardware to do X, he got it done, and done well. Which is his job.

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