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Comment Re: RSA sold you out (Score 1) 464

If my entropy is real then knowing the algorithm doesn't help. The problem with the dual elliptical approach used by the spec was that the "randomness" was baked in, and then made to be the default used by RSA. The spec actually allowed for users to change the baked-in numbers; this hack by the NSA relied on success through the ignorance of customers rather than real cryptography. More social engineering than computer engineering.

Comment Re: Nobility (Score 1) 653

Americans have historically held the attitude that ousting people out of their land is their God-given right, using that justification to murder millions of people. Why shouldn't we start doing it to each other? The irony is delicious.

Meanwhile the percentage of poor people in the United States is about to become the majority, and in a democracy, the majority rules, whether by ballot or by baseball bat. Saying "let them eat cake" is usually not a good sign of where things are going.

Comment Re:Which company bought this 'new' rule? (Score 1) 1143

Unlike you, I live downwind of China, in Japan. Uncontrolled particulate pollution is a serious issue. And it's not the count, it's the size. Ask your average veteran coming back from a war what health problems they've incurred living next to the burn pits they use at the encampments. People are dying from this stuff.

You want to reduce the chance that particulate pollution is going to cause problems? Just go out and reduce the population by 90%. As long as we insist on reproducing with no limitations, we should be willing to accept the consequences. There are trade-offs in everything. Particulates are a real thing, and inhaling them, regardless of source, is bad. So the government found a way to take a technology that was outmoded a century ago and forced people to upgrade or stop using it. It's a pragmatic solution to stopping people from poisoning their neighbors.

Comment Re:Horrible for the rural poor (Score 1) 1143

People bitch and moan and say, "this didn't use to be a problem". But there didn't used to be as many people, or as many other ways to pollute (industry, for example). It sucks to be the guy stuck at the end of the law where you have to change how you live, but it's just "poor me" whining. Why should the minority be exempt from harming the majority (and themselves to boot) through ignorance and stubbornness? The fact is that particulate matter put out by such stoves is worse for you than living within 50 miles of a nuclear power plant meltdown (e.g. Fukushima). All of those soldiers that come home from war with "mysterious illnesses"? It has everything to do with the open burn pits they used to dispose of garbage; worse even than second-hand smoke from cigarettes, the particulate matter from open smoke fires is bad for you. There is no safe level of exposure. (

In any cae, buying what you need is all about prioritizing your budget, and a new wood stove is not beyond reasonable expectations. Even poor Americans are hardly hurting for expendable income. So you have to forgo a few nights of take-out from Pizza Hut. The government actually stepping in to prevent people from not only killing themselves, but their neighbors, out of wanton ignorance is a good thing.

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