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Comment Re:BASIC (Score 2) 137

AMOS for Amiga was even better, it had some multimedia extensions (playing sound, sprites, bobs (blitter objects - like a sprite, but could be the size of a whole screen), mouse zones (for fast mouse position testing for buttons) and even special instruction which waited for vertical refresh. It was about as easy as basic.

Comment Re:Hmmm (Score 1) 238

[...]I was offered less than another job at a low-paying startup, which in turn was 20% less than the SF Bay Area startup salary I had had before I was laid off six months prior.

[...]ten years later, am at least making what I was making before, at the Bay Area startup.[...]

I see some pattern here.

Comment Re:This should be illegal (Score 1) 171

remove the power and you remove corruption. then you get people doing this because they want to and because they want to affect good change.

I fear that day. America would start a religious war. Why?
1. Most people have their own lives which they just want to live (like me).
2. There are some people who STRONGLY believe everyone other should live as they do. Most of them are strongly religious.
3. Those that don't care have better things to do than sit at boring votings and vote on boring things. Those with strong beliefs will want to have power to make changes they want, so will sit at those votings until they make the changes.

Effect - we will live under rules made by vocal minority who want to make people happy against them.

Comment Re:Windows 7 theme (Score 3, Informative) 980

I love pinned apps, but only after I enabled showing app title, not only icons. If you enable titles, pinned apps are just icons, opened apps have titles. When they are opened, you don't have opened app AND icon in quicklaunch bar anymore, so it conserves some space.

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